20 Countries qualified for the pastry world cup

On May 30th and 31st, 2021, the Final of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie will take place, during the Sirha Lyon trade fair, at Eurexpo

2020 was obviously marked by the Covid-19 crisis. The organizers as well as the competitors were forced to adapt the selection rules to local health constraints and event cancellations. While the European continental selection was the only one to be held in January 2020, during the European show in Paris, all the other selections were made on points, based on the podiums of 2018. Neverthless, the passion, the energy and the ambitions of all the teams involved have remained intact, one of their main goal being to celebrate the art of pastry throughout the world.

The 20 teams qualified for the 2021 pastry world cup

  • TOP 3: France, Japan, Italy
  • African Pastry Cup: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco
  • Asian Pastry Cup: Malaysia, Singapore, China
  • Copa Maya: Chile, Argentina, Mexico
  • European Pastry Cup: Switzerland, Sweden, Russia
  • Middle East Pastry Cup: Kuwait
  • Wild Cards: United-Kingdom, Brazil, South Korea and Taiwan

Chaired by Pierre Hermé, with the help of Clire Heitzler and Frédéric Cassel (vice-presidents), and managed by an entirely renewed International Organization Committee, the Pasry World Cup celebrates excellence, passion and the transmission of know-how between benerations while at the same time it incorages innovation.





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