3D fantasy fairy by M.Anthony Peña



Creation by M.Anthony Peña

A project suitable for the cake designer enthusiast.
With practice/patient and creativity you will be able to create a showstopper 3D fantasy fairy.
Here is a full guide how to create this enchanting project.


Ivory food color (Wilton)
10/0 liner paintbrush
White food color
Brown food color
Pink food color
Flesh tone petal dust
Light pink petal dust
Purple petal dust
Clear alcohol
White luster dust
Flat paintbrush
Head/torso lady mold
(Fiesta Cake – Florida)
Light brown Gumpaste
Ivory Gumpaste
Flat Modeling tool
Xacto knife
Flat paintbrush
Royal icing

Lightly dust the torso mold with cornstarch. To make skintone gumpaste, you will need to use ivory food color (Wilton), just add a pinch and knead the Gumpaste till all is mixed. Place the gumpaste inside the mold and press in order to get all the body features. Insert a skewer from the bottom part of the torso. This will give support to the figure. Let it dry overnight. 

Make a small ball of ivory sugar paste. Fill out the cavity of the molds, previously dusted with cornstarch to avoid sticking. Make pressure in the center and remove from the mold, insert a toothpick.

With a liner brush paint with white food color, let it dry. Make a small circle with light green food color, let it dry. Make a smallest circle with light brown food color, let it dry.
With a 10/0 liner paintbrush paint the eyelashes and eyebrows with light brown food color. You could also make the eyes features using gumpaste.
With a flat paint brush. Paint the cheeks with flesh tone petal dust.

For the lips
Paint with light pink food with a 10/0 liner paint brush.
Add a small amount of clear alcohol when panting the facial features, if the color it’s too dark add a drop of white food color for light shades.

You will need to use light brown gumpaste, insert gumpaste into a clay gun. And press till you get the thin hair. While the hair still pliable, enfold them into a toothpick .you will need to make in off in Order to cover all the head of the fairy.

Make a small ball of ivory colored gumpaste, give shape to the arm, at one end give shape to the wrist, give shape to the palm of the hand and flatten with your thumbs, with a xacto knife cut the fingers. Give shape to the palm of the hand with a ball tool, you will need to make two arms, let it dry overnight giving a. Natural shape.

Make a ball of ivory colored gumpaste, the length of the legs should be 6 inches, one side of the leg should be thin, bend the leg at knee area, give shape to the foot and mark the toes with the exacto knife.


Once the torso it’s completely dry, cut out a piece of thin gumpaste and place the corset pattern on top, cut it with the xacto knife. With a water pen moisten the top part and Attach the gumpaste piece to the top part of the body. You could make all the clothing white and paint later with petal dust and clear alcohol mixture. You can add a 1/2 teaspoon of luster dust to give a metallic effect.
Place it on a thick board, add the legs, cut out rose petals, with a ball tool thin the edges, slightly curl the edges of the petals. With a waterpen moisten the upper part of the legs and attach the rose petals. Add a small piece of cotton to give a natural effect, once the petals are completely dry remove them, and paint the petals.
The next step is to attach the arms and the painted head. You will need to use royal icing to attach the arms to the body.
Attach the wings with royal icing to the back part of the torso. Moisten the head with the water pen and add the thin stripes of hair, starting from the back and ending up in the front.

Gelatine wings
1 tablespoon of water
1 teaspoon of unflavored gelatin (Knox)
Airbrush food color
Edible glitter or luster dust.

Place the gelatin in the candy melt pot (Wilton) add the water and let it bloom.
Melt the gelatin in the candy pot, and add the food color and glitter. Pour over an acetate sheet and let it dry overnight. Place a butterfly pattern on top of the gelatin sheet and cut it.



M.Anthony Peña
ICES certified Master Sugar Artist
Gold medal winner – SCP
Sugar Arts Instructor




arms and hair

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