A 60% fruit content jam suitable for baking

Menz&Gasser presents the new Sine line



The Sine line is the natural response to the increasing quality demand and to the trend of healthy eating. The name, which means “without” in Latin, hints at this line USP: “clean” label, sugar reduction and high fruit content (60%). Its versatility and reliability make it fit be used in different ways. For example, it is suitable as a filling before or after baking, as well as a flavouring for dough, and can even be frozen. Its lower sugar content compared to traditional jams ensures a soft structure even after freezing, making this product perfect as a filling for cakes or single portion products and as a flavouring for gelato.
Sine offers 5+1 flavours: classic apricot, strawberry, cherry, forest fruits, blackberry, and a unique and exotic flavour – peach and passion fruit – all of which were developed to reach the highest standards.
Menz&Gasser has always paid attention to consumer needs and to new market trends, in order to anticipate future developments and offer innovative solutions, simultaneously guaranteeing professional quality.


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