by Carpigiani


IdeaTre by Carpigiani is intended to turn around the retail food world, reinventing shop architecture and processes, and perfectly encapsulating production, storage, and presentation of gelato specialties. Professionals can express their creativity making gelato right in front of customers, involving them with exclusive recipes and production aromas, and with fresh fruit and spreadable chocolate and hazelnut creams as complements to high-quality production. With IdeaTre it is also possible to make sorbets, slushes, mousses, pastry creams, jams, poached fruit, sauces and savory creams.
The machine has a compact, linear design, with four vertical cylinders dropped into a work counter, and can be installed in multiples (8, 12, 16, 24…) according to production plans. Each cylinder can be heated to 105°C (221°F) and then dropped in only a few minutes to -15°C (5°F). Each four-cylinder module can produce 10-130 kg/h in just one linear meter of space. The advantage is that artisans can finally dedicate the proper attention to customers, and invite them to taste the wide range of sweet and savory flavors of gelato, pastry and creative cuisine.



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