A perfect texture

Gelecta, the first Active Powder Gelatin

Gelecta is a 100% pure gelatin in granular form, which can be used directly “as it is” without pre-hydration. The Active Powder Gelatin can instantly cross-link with the smallest free water particles in a recipe (brought in by milk, cream, fruit purees, etc.) and pastry chefs have now a new easier and faster way to work with gelatin, which ensures greater precision and results in perfectly defined textures and better performances.

Gelecta can be used:

  • as it is directly in a recipe, hot and without pre-hydration. No hydration means no extra water in-take in a recipe, which would be responsible for the reduction of texture performance;
  • when necessary, according to the desired texture performance;
  • when needed during production, thus eliminating additional low-added-value production processes and leaving more room for creativity.

Gelecta is a gelatin and it can be pre-hydrated as usual.


When making a chocolate mousse, how can we obtain a texture able to cope with any thermal stresses, such as standing for a long time on display?

A dark chocolate mousse must have a uniform structure and a good stability to avoid dryness and inconsistency when stored in a showcase for a long time. It must be hydrated to obtain a long-lasting creamy structure and the addition of 0.5% – 0.8% of Gelecta keeps it soft and light. More liquid prevents the mousse from granulating during storage and provides the right stability at the same time.



water                                                                  g                 140

67% dark chocolate coating                                  g                 150

sugar                                                                  g                 50

Gelecta                                                               g                 3

35% fat content fresh cream                                 g                 190

Heat the water and sugar to 80°C and add the gelatin powder, mixing with a blender. Pour it onto chocolate in multiple stages, mixing first with a spatula, and then with a hand blender to create a bright and elastic emulsion. When the mixture is at 37°C, lighten the compound with the semi-whipped cream.



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