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The Salon du Chocolat Professionnel starts today until Wednesday 30th October…

The Salon du Chocolat Professionel, an interactive platform for professionals in the sector, reveals today’s trends and tomorrow’s opportunities, serving as a  springboard to create value and generate contacts. At this biennial event, the main players in chocolate, pastries, bakeries, and hospitality/restaurants get together for 3 days to share ideas and discover the latest innovations in the market.

New in 2013: the  show is in Pavilion 4 of the Viparis – Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center and it’s located across from Pavilion 5, which is occupied by the General Public Salon du Chocolat, and will double in size from 5,000 sq. m to 12,000 sq. m. The 2013 Mondial du Chocolat et du Cacao is growing significantly, covering 32,000 sq. m of space.

Exclusive for 2013: the Salon du Chocolat Professionel opens its doors on Monday (28 October 2013), giving artisans more flexibility to schedule their visit to the trade show. The Salon  is  also  expanding  into  the  culinary  realm  for the 1 demonstration areas with Fòrum Gastronòmic and inviting prestigious international chefs.

The Salon du Chocolat Professionel presents a comprehensive overview of the markets. It is a unique opportunity for professionals to meet their future suppliers and partners in the many sectors represented: specialists in chocolate, confectionery, pastry-making, and packaging, producing countries, couverture chocolate producers, ingredient suppliers, machine and equipment manufacturers, schools and training centers, specialized publications, etc. The  Salon du Chocolat Professionel offers  a different perspective on the future of food preparation.  The  future  of  the  profession  is  being  defined now, and this event shines the spotlight on the latest innovations in packaging, layouts, interior design, raw materials, and equipment.


For the very first time, the  Salon du Chocolat Professionel  is partnering with  FÒRUM GASTRÒNOMIC to launch multiple demonstration areas. The  Salon du Chocolat Professionel with  Fòrum Gastronòmic offers two demonstration areas:

MAIN STAGE: Large stage featuring live demonstrations of recipes showcasing cocoa and chocolate, given by renowned chefs and pastry chefs (from France and abroad)

PRIVATE WORSHOPS: Workshops/demonstrations by French and international chefs & pastry chefs. “Taste and cooking lessons” unique to the  Salon du Chocolat Professionel.

Sponsored by the Gourmet Callebaut®, Cacao Barry®, and Carma® brands, the World Chocolate Masters Finals are returning to the Salon du Chocolat Professionel to celebrate their 5th edition.

20 pastry chefs and chocolatiers from around the globe will compete in this year’s event, going head to head for the coveted titled of “World Chocolate Master.” The World Chocolate Masters is  the prestigious international competition completely devoted to the art of chocolate. The competition is open to the most talented chocolatiers from around the world, who are selected by country. For 3 days, 20 contestants will create one artistic chocolate piece, one pastry, one plated dessert, one coated chocolate, one molded chocolate,  and one  surprising globe  illustrating the theme: “The Architecture of Taste.”  The theme for this year’s event, “The Architecture of Taste,” was carefully chosen to inspire the participants. Inspiration, creativity, design, and innovation are the words that spring immediately to mind when we think of architecture. The contestants will need to approach their creation of chocolate desserts and candies as though they were designing a national museum or a skyscraper. The pastry-makers, chocolatiers, and chefs  will need to express their architectural talents through taste, analyzing and composing various flavors. They will have to study and produce new shapes and textures. And above all: they will need to innovate and surprise. The twenty finalists selected to compete will be ranked by a jury made up of internationally renowned chefs and master chocolate-makers.

This year, the international competition draw 25 participating countries. One aim of the ICAs is to meet growing global demand for superior cocoa while also supporting ethical, environmentally friendly growth in cocoa-producing countries. Each cocoa is directly selected from among planters across the southern hemisphere, ending up at the Salon du Chocolat in the form of tasting chocolate prepared according to a unique protocol.
The International Cocoa Awards strive to foster the same depth of expression in cocoa/chocolate that is found in fine wines. To do so, they create direct connections between those involved:
– planters learn about chocolate and everything related, receive scientific assistance that teaches them to respect biodiversity, keep control of all phases of production, and earn a fair price for the fruit of their labor,
– chocolate makers gain a deeper understanding of cocoas and their origins, support the existence of single-estate beans from known terroirs, and have an opportunity to work with raw materials worthy of their talent


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