Recipe by Onelio Napoletani
, Italy
For the Cluster Cocoa & Chocolate in Expo Milano 2015

Compound of nougat parfait with pieces of dark chocolate and red candied cherries.
All packed between layers of sponge cake (Italian pan di Spagna) soaked with Alchermes and soft dark choccolate.

Nougat Parfait

500 g Debic Prima Blanca whipped cream 38% fat
350 g meringue
150 g Pariani nougat paste

Mix the cream with the flavouring paste, joining the meringue gently.


250 g fresh egg white
325 g Naturalia Ingredients sugar
150 g icing sugar

Mix the egg white with the sugar and bring it to 55°C, mounted at medium speed with a fine wire whisk, to obtain a solid structure.

Alchermes flavuring

1 l water
1000 g Naturalia Ingredients sugar
500 g Alchermes 70th Vol.

Sponge cake

500 g whole eggs
100 g egg yolks
350 g Naturalia Ingredients sugar
350 g Molini Spigadoro flour

Beat eggs with sugar, add yolks to mid-mounted, then add the flour gently, pu into molds and bake at 180°C for about 25-30 minutes.

Menù Cioccolato

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