Argentina wins the Americas selection of the Pastry World Cup

Pierre Hermé, Ewald Notter and Gilles Renusson validating the ticket to the Grand Final of the Pastry World Cup in January 2025 for Argentina, Paraguay and Colombia


Yestarday in New Orleans, the victory of Argentina, represented by Matias Dragún (chocolate candidate) and Lucas Carballo (sugar candidate), closes the Americas selection of the Pastry World Cup, a day of intense competition that brought together 6 of the most talented duos from the American continent. The event was organized by GL events.
Paraguay and Colombia complete the podium, respectively 2nd and 3rd, and are also qualify, with Chile who received a wild-card, for the Grand Final of the Pastry World Cup, which will be held on January 24th and 25th, 2025 during Sirha Lyon.
The team of Argentina created a buffet on the theme of natural elegance: a frozen dessert combining fresh flavors of pineapple, raspberry and lychee; a revisited cheesecake with raspberry and pistachio; and a restaurant style dessert called Wild essence combining an intensely flavored chocolate soufflé with a mango-banana compote for an exotic touch.

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“The general level of work provided by the teams is extremely satisfying. Bringing teams
from all over the continent together, here in Louisiana, is an incredible opportunity to see all these different ways of working, mixing all these different culinary cultures”, said Ewald Notter, Honorary President of this selection. “I have a lot of respect for all the work that the candidates have done, the courage to expose themselves, and to have to convert months of training in such a short time, to be on the spot. As a former winner, I also want to tell them to persevere, to work hard and withstand criticism to achieve their dreams”, he concludes.

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Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia and Chile join Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom already qualified during the European selection, for the Grand Final of the Pastry World Cup. This year continues with the Africa selection in September and the Asia-Pacific selection in October.
photo credit The French Studio


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