Art & Pastry in Lugano



Art&Pastry, 1° International Festival of Gourmet Pastry, will be held in Lugano, the 1st and 2nd March…


On the stage of Art&Pastry there will be two great moments of debate: the first one is on Saturday the 2nd of March from 10,00 a.m to 13,00 p.m. and the attention is focused on “Five senses and one technique”, that is the way in which pastry can communicate, surprise, feel the substance and feel emotions through the use of the technique. Therefore, pastry is seen as an instrument of communication between who realizes the dessert and who tastes it, in an exchange in which sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste are activated through the technical competence and the knowledge of alimentary chemistry and physics, the experimentation. The speakers who will present their own pastry in this direction are Iginio Massari (Master of AMPI, the Academy of the Italian Pastry Masters, pastry cook of the “Pasticceria Veneto”), Dario Ranza (chef of the restaurant “Prince Leopoldo”), Paco Torreblanca (Pastry shop Totel, Alicante), Rene Frank (Pastry chef of the Restaurant “La Vie”, Osnabrück), Loretta Fanella (consultant pastry chef), Will Goldfarb (consultant pastry chef). Some of them will explain their concept of pastry as well as will show their realizations practically and the public will have the opportunity to taste some desserts.

Instead, on Sunday the 3rd of March, always from 10,00 a.m., the attention is focused on “Pastry and lightness”: an union that is more important today than ever, because of the increasing demand of a pastry which is able to conjugate the satisfaction of taste with the research of high-quality, natural, light, healthy ingredients, which can also conjugate the increasing needs of intolerance and allergy. Luca Montersino (pastry cook of “Golosi di Salute, the first healthy pastry shop), Gianluca Fusto (consultant pastry chef), Joseph Trotta (French champion of cocktailerie and carving fruit), Francesco Favorito (consultant pastry chef), will speak about these themes, showing and explaining the way in which the selection of substances and elaborations has an influence on this need.

At the same time of the debates, and during the two days, in the six classrooms prepared in order to reproduce pastry labs, there will be courses and workshops for the audience made by professionals, students and fans. At the end of the lessons certificates of attendance, signed by the professional school
CAST Alimenti, one of the best Italian school about cooking, will be given to participants. Under the supervision of international renowned pastry cooks and pastry chefs, macarons, sugar sculptures, croquembouche, dessert, chocolates, chocolate eggs, small pastry, packages for window dressing and
decorations, natural cocktails and fruit sculptures for decoration, and then all the desserts from the world of the cake design that involves wedding cake, cup cake, flowers and cake decorations will be made. So, this is a journey in pastry-making with all its shades.

The masters are all of highest level: Davide Malizia, world-champion of Artistic Sugar 2013, will show the technique of the Artistic Sugar; the maitre chocolatier Eliseo Tonti, precursor of tendencies and prime master, will teach the way in which elaborate chocolates and praline; Sonia Balacchi, winner of the Women Pastry World Championship 2012, will lead some courses about the realization of contemporary Easter eggs and subjects of chocolate; Gianluca Fusto, eclectic pastry chef famous for his pure touch and his geometric precision, will lead a course about the way in which a creative desserts menu can be realized, making some desserts, and leading a course about modern tart; Giuseppe Piffaretti, the pastry cook who has guided the Swiss team in the Pastry World Cup 2013, will lead some courses on mignon pastry and baked traditional cakes. Cristian Mometti, promulgator of an ancient technique of baking, the vase-cooking, will elaborate some desserts; moreover there will be Luca Lacalamita, of the “Enoteca Pinchiorri” restaurant in Florence,
which obtained the three Michelin stars ,who will lead the course “Whisky’s aroma” , showing all his creativity

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