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Carpigiani Gelato University will be to Cefalù for the Sherberth Festival on 4-8 September 2013…

Carpigiani Gelato University will return again this year to Cefalù for the Sherberth Festival on 4-8 September 2013. Visitors will be able to participate in lessons presented by the school founded in 2003 in Anzola dell’Emilia, which for four days will shift its campus to the seaside at Cefalù. “Bring your own fruit and make your sherbert,” is the theme for this year’s edition. Participants will invent their own flavors under the guidance of instructor Roberto Fiorino and his assistants. Course participation is free. The “gelato artisans for a day” will discover the ingredients that are used to make artisan gelato, the healthy, delicious properties of sorbets, the origins and evolution of the “sweet ice,” not to mention the basic concepts behind successful balancing, freezing, and storing.

Carpigiani, technical sponsor of the event, will equip the largest production area Sicily has ever had, in the Corte delle Stelle in Cefalù, the perfect backstage for the 50 gelato artisans who will be present for the seventh edition of the festival. On the stage of one of Italy’s most beautiful locations, more than 40 of the most innovative tools for producing artisan gelato, batch freezers, pasteurizers, and mixers, all Carpigiani. The Gelato Museum, inaugurated at Carpigiani in Anzola dell’Emilia (Bologna) last 27 September, a new home for gelato history, culture, and technology, will present a special exhibition at the Ottagono of
Saint Catherine on “The History of Sherbert in Sicily.” The exhibit includes rare historical images, video interviews, and precious artisan tools donated by Sicilian artisans. Saturday, 7 September at the Ottagono of Saint Catherine, Luciana Polliotti will officially present the Guide Book of the Carpigiani
Gelato Museum, published by Editrade, which includes 14,000 years of history as told by the museum. The book describes how history, art, and gelato technology come together in the Gelato Museum, located inside Carpigiani headquarters in converted industrial spaces now dedicated to this center of excellence for the study, analysis, and enhancement of gelato culture. All this was possible thanks to the hard work of a scientific committee that united the foremost experts of gelato history, production technology, and some of the main players in modern gelato history. A global search was instituted to find machines from the past, as well as documents and information about influential figures, giving voice and visibility to all those involved in gelato history up until the mid 1980s.

This will be followed by the presentation of the “Gelato Pixel Passion” photography competition, dedicated to “Cool flavors and emotions … on film! Photograph all that is good about gelato and win a course at Carpigiani Gelato University!” The winners of the contest organized by the Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani Foundation, will win the chance to become a part of this sweet world, thanks to the scholarships offered by Carpigiani Gelato University. Participating is easy. Students between 18 and 35 years old can unleash their creativity and take a picture that conveys their vision of gelato and the sweet, flavorful sensations that it inspires, then the picture sent by email with contact information to by 1 September 2014!
Those who are older than 35 or not a student can take a picture anyway and publish it on Instagram using the tag @Carpigiani1946 and the hashtag #GelatoPixelPassion. The most popular pictures will be considered for participation in the contest.

Thursday, 4 September, Wolfgang Achtner, documentarian, correspondent, and television producer, author of books, and professor of television journalism, will present Gelato Is Magic, a documentary about the magic world of artisan gelato. The documentary was filmed at the Sherbeth Festival in Cefalù, at Sigep in Rimini, and at Carpigiani Gelato University in Anzola Emilia (Bologna). Achtner illustrates the fresh, artisan, and Italian qualities of gelato.

New this year, the Gelato World Tour (, a traveling competition organized by Carpigiani Gelato University and Sigep-Rimini Fiera which has the mission of spreading gelato culture worldwide. The winner declared by the Technical Jury and the winner most voted by the public will both earn a place at the Grand Finale which will be held in Rimini in September 2014. In addition, by popular demand Carpigiani Gelato University will organize the first beginner’s gelato
course in Sicily. From 9-12 September, Luciano Ferrari, Senior Instructor at Carpigiani Gelato University, will teach the basics of this art. and

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