ARTISAN GELATO MILKSHAKE Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition-Season 3


Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition-Season 3

 artisan milkshake tuttiok

Interviewing the four chef contestants.
The chefs into the kitchen re-imagine a classic milkshakes.
The Artisan Milkshake challenge brings the components of exceptional plated desserts into a glass, creating a sumptuous mouth-watering presentations.

The Mountain Of All Milkshakes Meg Galus
The Mountain Of All Milkshakes

Coffee Arabeschi Crunch, Mascarpone Gelato, Bourbon Vanilla Butterscotch, Chestnut

of NoMi Restaurant at Park Hyatt Chicago, Illinois

 “My artisan gelato milkshake is inspired by a traditional Mont Blanc, incorporating the flavors of chesnut, vanilla, and bourbon. At the bottom of the glass will be discs of crunchy-marshmallow pavlova, sandwiching my mystery filling.  I am planning on making a Nielsen Massey vanilla bean gelato which I will split into two separate flavors in the blending stage. One layer will be blended with chestnut and more vanilla.  The other will either be left vanilla or blended with my mystery ingredient.  In between the layers and on top will be thin layers of butterscotch sauce – which may also have a mystery ingredient blended into it.  The milkshake will be capped off with a cascading white sugar ribbon”.

White Chocolate Yogurt Gelato Sean Pera

White Chocolate Yogurt Gelato
Chamomile Flower Cake, Sour Cherry Meringue, Lemongrass-Shiso Foam

of The Umstead Hotel & Sp in Cary, North Carolina

“The milkshake is blended with a base composed of White Chocolate Yogurt Gelato and Whole Milk. Layered in between the milkshake are discs of Chamomile Flower Cake. A sour cherry meringue lies underneath the topping of a Lemongrass-Shiso Foam to represent the texture of whipped cream. The glass is garnished with a thin rectangle of yogurt crystal and topped with a whole piece of sour cherry, micro greens and flowers.”

Forrest Berry Milkshake Jim Hutchison

 Forrest Berry Milkshake
Vanilla Maple Chantilly, Toasted Olive Oil Sponge Cake, Crispy Milk Japonaise

of Winvian Relais & Chateau in Morrix, Connecticut

“The sides of the Curved Pilsner glass from Steelite will be decorated with the Arabeschi.  Glass will be filled 30% with blended milkshake.  A layer of precut olive oil sponge will be placed on top of the milkshake. More of the milkshake should be next and filled to 80% volume of the glass. Vanilla Maple Chantilly will be piped on top of the milkshake.  The Chantilly will be garnished with more Arabeschi, the Crispy milk Japonaise, Coriander Blooms, Micro Fennel, and Bachelor Button Flowers just before being served”.

Bedrock Pop Milkshake Michaela Hapak

 Bedrock Pop Milkshake
Bilberry Goat Yogurt Gelato, Lemon Curd, Lemon Arabeschi, Thyme Streusel

of Splendido Restauran in Toronto, Ontario

For this milkshake, I used Bilberry flavouring for the gelato and incorporated goat’s yogurt into it to get a very sour base. The Tahitian vanilla beans bring out the floral from the puree and the honey brings the out earthiness. The pairing of the lemon cookie adds sweetness and creaminess to the milkshake. Pairing with lemon curd and thyme just makes sense because of the acidity and herby notes in the puree. When I first tried the milkshake, it brought me back to my child hood when I use to eat the Flintstones Push Pops, specifically Bedrock Berry”.

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