Asia Pastry Forum 2016

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by pastry chef Martin Lippo

In November was held the Asia Pastry Forum 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. Our friend and collaborator, the pastry chef Martin Lippo, is been there and he conducted workshops as other great 15 pastry chefs.
“I think is always important to have information about what is happening around the world and specially in big events like this one”, he says.
So, thanking him a lot, we publish this contribution and we will present some pastry recipes, starting with “Flower Garden” creation of Lippo (above in photo).

What is Asia Pastry Forum?
Asia Pastry Forum is a yearly pastry workshop event where pastry chefs from over the world come to conduct workshops on different topics
The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, tne of the finest Pastry school group in Asia, started this event in 2011. From there onwards it grew in terms of techniques, Master Chefs from all over the world as well as students travelling from different part of the World.
It started with an idea to create a platform for pastry chefs in Asia Pacific and Middle East where everyone can come together once in a year and spend good few days learning new techniques, share knowledge and information. Surprisingly participating chefs come all over from Australia, china, far East, North Africa as well as Europe.
“It’s like a pastry festival going on right now” – says Chef Niklesh Sharma, Managing Director and Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia. You can take a walk in the school and see 3-4 different workshops going on. Every second day there is presentation buffet by different chefs where even outsider pastry enthusiasts are also invited for tasting.
 Asia Pastry Forum 2016 had 15 master chefs conducting 16 different workshop for more than 80 pastry chefs, pastry teachers, and students. Participating chefs were from 20 different Countries taking approx. 200 sessions in total. Each workshop was 3 days. And every 3 days there is a different set of workshops going on. Best part of the forum is that chefs can choose from 1 workshop to maximum of 6 different workshops.
This is a great opportunity for pastry chefs because they don’t have to travel to different Countries looking for different workshop. It’s all available under one roof.
Many of the pastry chefs are regular who take full packages or few classes of their choices and organised their learning and training every year.
Martin Lippo

Ice flowers, yuzu curd, pistachio sponge cake with coffee, almound, and cocoa powder

pastry chef Martin Lippo
for Asia Pastry Forum 2016

Ice flowers

100 g whipping cream 35% fat content
250 g frozen raspberry puree (Boiron)
250 g frozen mango puree (Boiron)

Mix fruit purees and cream to create different flavour mixtures and colours. Using a pipette put a drop of one of the mixtures in the middle of each mold.
Repeat with the different mixtures and freeze it.
Fill with any of the other flavours to the level of the flower (about 4 millimeters) creating a contrast in between the colours of the flowers. Freeze until use.

Yuzu curd

180 g yuzu frozen puree (Boiron)
180 g eggs
150 g icing sugar
150 g butter
10 g cornstarch

Put yuzu, icing sugar and butter in a pot. Bring to boil.
Mix the eggs and corn starch using a hand blender. Add the eggs over the flame mixing with a hand blender at the same time. Wait until the mixture boils again mixing all time. Chill and put in pastry bags.

Pistachio sponge cake

240 g egg white
50 g raw pistachio
50 g sugar
35 g flour

Blend all ingredients together and strain finelly. Fill a canister and add 2 loads of gas. Fill 1/3 of a disposable glass with the foam. Cook in a microwave at 900 watts for 40 seconds.

For the soil

2 g ground coffee
2 g almond powder
1 g icing sugar
4 g cocoa powder

Mix all ingredients.

For the presentation

Fresh red currants 3 units for plate.

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