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Zuccheri di canna: Golden, raffinato e grezzo.

Zuccheri di canna: Golden, raffinato e grezzo.

ASR Group is the world’s largest sugar cane refiner. ASR Group’s expertise comes from 150 years of combined experience. The company refines more cane sugar than any other company in the world. It sources from over 40 Countries and has the capacity to refine 6 million tonnes of raw sugar every year, at 11 refineries, on 3 continents.

The unique assets of brown cane sugars

ASR Group’s Brown Cane Sugars bring richness, texture, colour and flavour. They are used widely, particularly in cooking and baking.  Only sugar cane produces brown sugars and ASR Group’s expertise as the world’s largest cane sugar refiner shows in the quality of our products. Brown Cane Sugars offer hues of maple, chocolate, and velvety brown. Each has its own flavour and texture. Soft Cane Sugars are moist with fine, quick-dissolving crystals. Demerara and Golden Cane Sugars have large glassy amber crystals providing a distinctive textural crunch. All have their own distinctive flavour.

ASR Group offers the right answer for every market trend

ASR Group offers a large range of products that meets industrials customer requirements. ASR Group monitors global trends, developing new packaged and industrial solutions, working with its manufacturing customers to understand how innovations can support their businesses. As one of the world’s leading supporters of Fairtrade, ASR Group cares about the communities in which it operates. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of everything ASR does.

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