At the service of nature

Mirazur, the restaurant of Mauro Colagreco in Menton, France, announces its reopening

The style of Mirazur restaurant is dictated by Mauro Colagreco’s approach as a return to origins and to the forces of nature. The greatest challenge that the chef and his staff have to face consists in placing the cycle of life at the centre of their daily choices and actions. “We invite our guests to join us in order to listen to nature, to smell it, to understand it and to submit to it”, he explains.



A lunar cuisine

The cuisine of Mirazur is thus influenced by the cycles of nature and it celebrate them. Its rhythm is punctuated by the crop cycle, which follows the lunar calendar. Working more in the gardens during the lockdown period and closely observing natural forces at work has allowed the chef and his staff’s creativity to thrive and to connect with what is essential. The result is a variation on four themes. Root Universe, Leaf Universe, Flower Universe, and Fruit Universe are each one a narrative gastronomic thread which combine with the existing elements in Colagreco’s cuisine: local and sustainable fish and seafood, meat from carefully selected farms, fruit and vegetable from historical horticulturists, producers and suppliers of the Mediterranean region.




Menù Cucina

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