Recipe by
the pastry chef Leonardo Di Carlo
From “Tradition in Evolution” (Chiriotti Editori)
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Cocoa croquant

   60 g powder sugar   
   50 g  flour 
   10 g bitter cocoa 
   100 g maize starch  
   125 g egg whites   

Make a batter with all the ingredients and pour it slowly, with a small sac-à-poche, in 175°C boling oil, in order to obtain crunchy wafers. Drain them and let them dry on absorbing sheets.


Espresso coffee gelato cream

  1, 000 g whole fresh milk   
  600 g   espresso coffee   
  600 g  fresh cream 35% butterfat 
 190 g  skimmed powder milk   
  425 g dextrose   
  60 g inverted sugar  
  180 g granulated sugar   
  16 g neutral stabilizer  

Mix and heat the milk with the espresso coffee, the cream, the powder milk and the dextrose. At 40°C, add the other ingredients and cook until 85°C. Let it cool down very fast to 4°C and let it rest for 6-12 hours in the fridge. Work in the gelato machine and keep it at -18°C.


Crunchy crumbles

    350 g granulated sugar   
    150 g cane sugar  
   500 g  refined almonds 
   no. 1 grated orange rind  
   no. 1  grated lemond rind   
   500 g  butter
   500 g  flour   

Knead all the ingredients, form some sticks and blast chill to -18°C. Put in the food processor and make a fine mixture. Keep in the freezer; when needed, distribute it in the molds and cook at 150°C for 20-25 minutes, open valve.


Almond pralinated cream

   500 g custard   
   200 g  almond praliné 50%  
  8 g   gelatine  
  600 g  whipped cream   

Mix the custard with the almond praliné, add the gelatine melted in a little bit of cream, then the remaining cream.


Coffee soft ganache

   150 g  whole fresh milk 
   350 g  fresh cream 35% butterfat
   4 g  lyophilized coffee  
   50 g  glucose 
    700 g dark chocolate 55%  

Boil the first ingredients, then slowly pour onto the chopped chocolate, mixing with a soft spatula in order to obtain a smooth and brilliant mixture. Cover and let it crystallize in the fridge.



Pour in the bottom of a glass the almond pralinated cream, then the coffee soft ganache and the crunchy crumbles, some candied orange small cubes and, at the end, a portion of espresso coffee gelato cream. Decorate with cocoa croquant and a gold leaf.


Leonardo Di Carlo

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