AVANGUARDIA. The new book by Fabrizio Fiorani

The title refers to the concept of avantgarde, pointing at the literary and artistic movements that conceive new poetics and unprecedented ways on expression, overcoming tradition and current tastes.
This is the second book by Fabrizio Fiorani, where a further step forward is established

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His vision of contemporary Italian pastry is precise, vivid and exciting, punctuated by innovation and personalization, between study and research, inspiration and rigor, art and technique. This is why it is a privilege to be part of the world of Fabrizio Fiorani and to be his publishers even in his second editorial adventure. It is called Avanguardia and marks another step forward for this eclectic professional, who is renowned worldwide, also thanks to the prize he received as the Best Pastry Chef of Asia 2019, according to the 50Best. We had fun again tracing with him the
essence of his ideas and emotions, codifying an evolution of thought and action involving aesthetic, graphics and images through a clear and artistic vision.
Besides offering great hints, as he had already done in his previous book “Tra l’Onirico e il Reale”, in this new volume Fabrizio is even more altruistic. In addition to his powerful innovative recipes divided into several chapters – Nature, Time, Art, Reality, Chocolate and Timeless Classics – it includes an original and amusing “alphabet primer” of contemporary pastry, which reveals new aspects of the reative genius of the author. And the work ends with the Creative Laboratory chapter, where many useful innovations are explained in details.
A book therefore of considerable substance, which fascinates not only for its aesthetic impact, because Fabrizio knows where he wants to go and knows how to capture inspiration, sailing between the dreamlike and the real sides, in which every thought is full of ingredients, techniques, shapes and colors. He has a quick mind capable of creating unpredictable connections, “reading” the pastry everywhere, even where you do not expect it. Because everything before his eyes becomes a hint to be transformed into a dessert. All his ideas are hidden in the technicality he applies, revealing awareness and harmony. In the middle there is rigor, combined with the desire to dare, mixing the arts with amusing and learned quotations, but always giving absolute priority to taste, organization and basic techniques.
With his contemporary Italian pastry, Fabrizio Fiorani is an ambassador of Made in Italy confectionery all over the world, acclaimed and appreciated from Asia, where he worked for a long time, to the United States. And his two books are further means to spread this Italian heritage and export our culture with determination, also thanks to their English versions, and thank to the support of sensitive partners such as Pavoni Italia, Valrhona and Molino Pasini.


Fabrizio Fiorani for Chiriotti Editori
photo Giancarlo Bononi



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