Barbecue pumpkin with smoked almond milk by Viviana Varese and Isa Mazzocchi

The Grand gelinaz! Shuffle Stay on tour live in Noto

You would have breathed Sicily in the dishes, in the music and in the location during The Grand Gelinaz dinner! Shuffle Stay in Tour at Si Può Fare Onlus, the Italian social cooperative of Noto (in the Syracuse province), which deals with the work inclusion for disabled, substances’ addicted and immigrants seeking international protection, and to whom the entire proceeds were donated.
The organization of the evening was curated by Viviana Varese, CristinaBowerman, Isa Mazzocchi, Chloé Charles, Zahie Tellez, Riccardo Monco, Carmelo Chiaramonte, Alessandro Della Tommasina and Accursio Craparo. With a special guest such as Corrado Assenza. The chefs reinterpreted 8 courses of Daniel Patterson, chef at Coi Restaurant.
From the menu, secret until the event, we present the barbecue pumpkin with smoked almond milk and sage extract, a recipe by Varese and Mazzocchi.

For 4

800 g butternut pumpkin
300 g Noto peeled almonds
30 g sage
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper
thyme and oregano
salted toasted almonds for garnish

Cut the pumpkin in half, bake it in the oven at 185°C for half an hour with the herbs and salt. Then drizzle of oil. Once cooked, cut it into 1 cm thick slices, and put it on the barbecue.
For the almond cream, fill the glass of the Pacojet with the almonds and half a glass of water and pacoss it, until it becomes smooth. In a mixer, blend it with 100 g of water and smoke it on the barbecue.
For the sage extract, blanch it in salted water and put the extractor.


Place two slices of pumpkin on the plate, a pinch of Maldon salt, sprinkle with sage extract and almond cream and chopped salted toasted almonds.

Viviana Varese and Isa Mazzocchi

About Gelinaz!

Concepted by Andrea Petrini, Gelinaz! removes chefs from the absolute creators image and puts them at the service of someone else’ gastronomic ideas. From December 2020 it is on tour: 200 chefs remix ideas, interpret menus and recipes of other colleagues, even those who unfortunately lost their businesses due to the pandemic. Each chef anonymously sent an unedited menu, then randomly sent back to one of the selected ones. And on August 29th, more than 20 Countries around the world gathered in a performance, which involved 130 chefs for 148 original recipes, with 2000 exclusive guests. Lucca and Noto are the Italian locations.

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