Bruno and his Black Forest


Bruno Van Vaerenbergh is a Belgian pastrychef and consultant for FrieslandCampina and Debic company. We interviewed him for our Italian mag “Pasticceria Internazionale” and here, for our English speaking readers, we publish one of his recipes!



Black Forest
For 8 pieces

Chocolate sponge cake
325 g egg white
500 g granulated sugar
350 g chocolate, dark 64%
175 g Debic Traditional butter
225 g egg yolk, fresh
250 g flour
100 g chocolate flakes
Chocolate sponge cake (2 trays 60/40 cm)
Beat the egg whites with the sugar in a mixer. Melt the chocolate with the butter (45°C). Add the egg yolks and the whipped meringue. Gently fold in the sifted flour and the chocolate flakes. Spread out on two baking plates and bake at 180°C for 8 to 10 minutes.

Chocolate cream
800 mL Debic Stand & Overrun 35%
125 g granulated sugar
200 g egg yolk, fresh
700 g chocolate, dark 64%
1 L Debic Stand & Overrun 35%
Heat the cream in a pan. Beat the egg yolks and sugar and then pour over the hot cream Debic Natop. Cook to 84°C (anglaise) and strain through a sieve on the chocolate. Mix well and fold in the semi whipped Debic Natop at a temperature of 40°-45°C

Kirsch cream
500 mL Debic Stand & Overrun 35%
230 g egg yolk, fresh
200 g granulated sugar
2 pieces vanilla pod
14 g leaf gelatin
175 g Kirsch Jacobert
1 L Debic Stand & Overrun 35%
Prepare an anglaise (84°C) with the Debic Natop, the sugar, egg yolks and the split vanilla beans. Add the soaked gelatine and the Kirsch Jacobert. Mix the preparation and strain through a sieve. Let cool and fold in the semi whipped Debic Natop.

Kirsch ganache
500 g puree, cherries
65 g Trimoline
500 g chocolate, dark 64%
100 g Kirsch Jacobert
Heat the cherrie puree with the invert sugar and pour over the chocolate. Mix with the Kirsch Jacobert. Pour over a layer of chocolate sponge cake and let harden in the cooling.

Assembly inversely on a Flexipan in a tray (60×40 cm). Bring on the chocolate cream. Place a layer of chocolate sponge and punch well with Kirsch syrop. Spread out the Kirsch cream up to 2 cm of the edge. Insert the previously frozen layer Kirsch ganache/sponge cake. Freeze.

Unmold the cake and spray with gun at 48°C. Equal mixture of dark chocolate and cocoa butter. Garnish with cherries, used vanilla beans and ganache drops.

Bruno Van Vaerenbergh

Photos Kasper van t’Hoff

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