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The first ever Brussels Chocolate Week is from 19th to 25th November…

If there’s one product that’s delicious and irresistible, it has to be chocolate. And, say the word chocolate and you think of Brussels. Yes, thanks to its chocolatiers, Brussels has built up such a reputation for itself that chocolate-lovers rush there like children in a fabulous chocolate shop. Chocolates with scrumptious centres, so varied, so melt-in-the-mouth and so original. Bars of chocolate in which the most surprising flavours are blended with the most exclusive cocoa beans. But there’s also bite-sized chocolates, truffles, spreads, sweets, couverture chocolate and chocolate cakes and pastries! Not to mention the chefs who use cocoa as the secret magic ingredient in their cooking.
So, let’s not linger over the chocolate box too long: if there’s one week when you absolutely have to be in Brussels, it’s the one from 19th to 25th November 2012. Traditional and contemporary chocolatiers as well as chefs, covering all styles of cooking, are taking part in this big event which gives pride of place to chocolate. Come across their delights on gourmet trails, interesting visits and creative tables. In other words, throughout the week, Brusselicious and chocolate come first in Brussels. Give in to temptation; in Brussels, indulging your sweet tooth isn’t considered a failing!

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