Buckwheat and gianduja cake

Buckweat and Gianduia cake bozio


Buckwheat and gianduja cake is the grredy recipe in a jar by Gabriele Bozio…


 Buckweat and Gianduia cake bozio

Buckwheat and gianduja cake


                                                           q.ty                 % on cost        % on weight

buckwheat flour                                    g 150              7.31                19.18

potato starch                                        g 75                3.9 %              9.59

granulated sugar                                   g 90                7.31                11.51

salt                                                     g 2                  0.08                0.26

baking powder                                      g 8                  0.78                1.02

acacia honey                                        g 20                8.05                2.56

eggs                                                    g 75                9.74                9.59

fresh milk                                            g 125              6.09                15.98

oilseed                                                 g 95                7.4                  12.15

dark chocolate                                     g 62                19.73              7.93

gianduja in pieces for topping                g 80                29.62              10.23


Mix the powders together in a container using a whisk. To one side, in a measuring jug, add the honey, eggs and milk, mix well using a hand blender. Melt the chocolate in a microwave oven, add the oilseed and then add this to the liquid mixture always using the hand blender. Pour the liquid part into the powders and mix using a whisk, until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous. Add the roughly chopped gianduja and pour the mixture into the baking molds. To cook in the microwave use molds in self-standing paper, in wood with greaseproof paper, in silicon or in glass. Place the mold, or molds depending on the microwave, inside and cook for approx. 1 minute and 30 seconds, 2 minutes for a size of 200 g in a 900 W microwave. In any case, since the variables are many (microwave power, containers used for cooking, product quantity, type of magnetron, fixed or rotating plate), it is recommended to test the cooking for the first time, proceeding with times of 15-20 seconds at a time, until the mixture in the mold is cooked completely. When cooked, leave to cool and package as usual.


Gabriele Bozio

photo Roberto Sammartini




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