Diego Lozano
Escola de Confeitaria
Sao Paulo, Brazil



Composition / layers
•    Flourless Chocolate Biscuit
•    Crumble
•    Gianduia crunch
•    Chocolate & caramel Ganache
•    Gianduia  & lemon ganache
•    Dark Chocolate mousse
•    Black mirror glaze

Flourless Chocolate Biscuit
Egg white    163 g
Refined Sugar    54 g
Dark Chocolate (70,4% cocoa)     163 g
Butter     38 g
Egg yolk    33 g

Whisk the egg whites with refined sugar until they become soft peaks. At the same time, melt the dark chocolate and the butter. Add the egg yolks, and next, add the mixture of egg whites. Spread over a frame, with measures of 29cm x 20cm x 0,3cm, bakes it for 5 min over 215°C. Save it for assembly.

Butter    50 g
Flour    50 g
Brown sugar    50 g

Add all the ingredients in a food processor, and mix until you get a paste. Bake it 160°C for 12 minutes.

Gianduia Crunch
Gianduia (26,6% cocoa)     85 g
Crumble (Baked)    130 g
Paillete Feuilletine “Callebaut”    37 g

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients and spread it over the biscuit layer. Save it for assembly.

Chocolate & Caramel ganache
Refined Sugar    52 g
Butter     11 g
Cream (35% fat)    95 g
Milk Chocolate (33,6% cocoa)    129 g
Dark Chocolate (53,8% cocoa)    63 g

Boil the cream with butter. Hold it. A part, cook a dry caramel using the refined sugar. Stop the cooking by adding the hot cream. Pour it over the chocolates and mix until it completely combined. Using two frames, spread the ganache over the Gianduia Crunch layer. Freeze it .

Gianduia & lemon Ganache
Gianduia  (26,6% cocoa)    174 g
Cream (35% fat)    78 g
Lemon zest    23 g

Boil the cream with the lemon zest, and the pour it over the Gianduia and mix until it completely combined. Spread it over the Chocolate & caramel layer and freeze it.

Dark Chocolate Mousse (70% Cocoa)
Milk    128 g
Inverted Sugar    13 g
Egg yolks    92 g
Isomalt    13 g
Dark Chocolate (70,3% cocoa)     110 g
Cocoa Liquor (100% cocoa)     27 g
Cream (35% gordura)    87 g

In a saucepan, cook a Crème Anglaise using the Milk, inverted sugar, egg yolks and Isomalt. Pour it over the chocolate and the cocoa liquor, melting then. After cooling to 45º C, Mix the cream, whipped in soft peaks. Spread it over the layers of ganache.

Black mirror glaze
Water    150 g
Refined Sugar    300 g
Glucose    300 g
Condensed milk    195 g
Gelatin mass ( 1g gelatin powder per 6g water)    135 g
Dark Chocolate (53,3% Cocoa)     300 g
Yellow coloring powder “ Diego Lozano    3 g
Red coloring powder “ Diego Lozano    3g
Orange coloring powder “ Diego Lozano    3g
Blue coloring powder “ Diego Lozano    3g

In a saucepan cook together the water, sugar and glucose at 103°C then pour over the condensed milk, gelatin, dark chocolate and the chocolate coloring powder. Let it cool and use at 30°C.

Assembly and decoration

Cut the entremets in a rectangular shape. Glaze it. Temper the melted chocolate and pour it over acetate sheet for decoration.

Diego Lozano
Escola de Confeitaria
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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