Recipe by
Paolo Fulgente
Torre del Greco, NA, Italy


butter    g    140
icing sugar     g     110
almond flour     g     70
hazelnut flour     g     30
whole eggs     g     180
toasted pine nuts     g     40
lemon zest         n    1
salt    g     2
rosemary roasted and chopped     g     1
00 flour     g     140
dry yeast     g     2
In the mixing bowl beat the butter to a cream, with icing sugar, almond and  hazelnut flours and lemon zest, then add the eggs little by little. Mix by hand or with a spatula the flour sifted with baking powder, salt, pine nuts and rosemary.
For the filling
chestnuts     g     250
almond paste     g     50                
sliced almonds         to taste


Butter the moulds and sprinkle with sliced almonds. With a spatula, flatten the dough making a dip in the middle and, with the pastry bag, insert the sifted mixture of broken and sifted chestnuts. Close butter pastry, staying 2 cm below the edge of the mould; level off. Bake at 160°C-170°C, valve closed for the first 20 minutes and valve open for a further 25 minutes. Garnish with crystallised vanilla bean and three chestnuts.

Paolo Fulgente
Torre del Greco

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