Chocex, the Chocolate Expo in Shanghai

On March 22-24,2017 in Shanghai will take place Chocex,
the international professional platform for chocolate culture.

1,400 years ago, when Columbus found the new world, he took cocoa trees to all over the world. Thence chocolate became the favourite of noble levels.
On March 22-24, 2017 in Shanghai will take place Chocex, the international professional platform for chocolate culture. It not only shows chocolate, but also creates the artistic ambiance and makes every exhibits release their unique attractive charms. Chocex will gather about 20 chocolate industrial organizations at home and abroad, 200 chocolate exhibitors, 300 chocolate brands and about 50,000 professional visitors. Chocex also presents the Chocolate & Dessert Art Championship, the Chocolate Art Competition, and several conferences.
This event in Shanghai represents the international professional platform for chocolate culture with globalized perspectives and aesthetic appreciation. To grasp every business opportunities, to share the world leading chocolate tendency and to build a bridge for innovative and efficient communications between exhibitors and purchasers.
Chocex is organized by the Chinno Exhibitions and it is supported by the Shanghai Confectionery Association, International Cocoa Organization, Federation Cocoa Commerce, The Cocoa Merchants’ Association of America, Vietnam Coffee-Cocoa Association, Choprabisco, Japan Dessert Association, and America Chocolate Festival Committee.
You will experience chocolate in all forms: snack, beverage, gifts/packaging, raw materials, machines and equipment, more than 150 commercial brands of chocolate. You will meet distributors, wholesalers, online store owners, gift solutions suppliers, franchisers, retailers and online retailers of chocolate products, investors, decision makers for chocolate, bakery, cold drinks and confectionery, chocolate education organizations, and chocolate lovers from all over the world!
Among the media partners of Chocex, there are also “Pasticceria Internazionale” and “Pasticceria Internazionale World Wide Edition”.

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