Recipe by
Pastry Chef Janice Wong
Chef-owner of 2am:dessertbar (21a Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore)
and recipient of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef for two consecutive years (2013 and 2014)


Chocolate H20

250 g chocolate 65%
250 g water
50 g egg whites
5 g egg white powder

First melt chocolate; mix water and egg white powder in a pot. Warm up the mixture. Blend and addd egg whites. Mix the chocolaté with the above mixture, sieve and pour it into the siphon. Charge it with 2 Charges.
Put it in a bain marie at 50 degrees. Siphon into a container and freeze immediately.

Salty caramel

100 g sugar
20 g water
100 g cream
20 g butter
5 g Sel marin

Melt sugar and stir in cream. Add butter when mixture cools down to 40 degrees.
Add salt to taste.

Caramel Bavarois

80 g cream
80 g milk
37.6 g yolks
53.6 g sugar
2.6 pcs gelatin
142 g whipped cream
63 g sugar
12.8 g water

Boil sugar and Water until it reaches a caramel state; heat Milk and cream. Anglaise yolks and sugar, add gelatin and caramel. Cool down mixture; fold in whipped cream.
Pipe it into moulds. Reserve 100 g for the assembly of the chocolate truffles.

Chocolate Soil

280 g butter
170 g Sugar
400 g cocoa powder
10 g salt
100 g egg whites

Mix all together in a processor. Spread on silpat and bake at 165 degrees.

Kalamansi Yuzu sauce

8 g Yuzu juice
36 g glucose
30 g kalamansi juice
12 g sugar
0.4 g agar

Mix all the ingredients together in a pot except agar powder until the sugar dissolves. Add in agar powder and bring it to a boil. Finally pass it through a super bag.

Pastry Chef Janice Wong

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