Christmas Haute-Patisserie by Pierre Hermé

For the Christmas holidays, Pierre Hermé presents a limited collection of bûches in an unusual universe of opulent gardens.
A gastronomic walk in search of aroma and texture sensations.

Bûche Infiniment Praliné Hazelnut

The most beautiful expression of Piedmontese hazelnut interpreted under its many facets. A whipped cream and a creamy hazelnut cream sublimate the explosion of flavors in a crispy praline with toasted hazelnut chips. For a moment of irresistible pleasure.

PH buche 2018 1
Bûche Glacée Miléna

The bold duo of a fresh mint gelato and a red fruit sorbet in which every aspect of the fruit sublimates the inimitable flavor of the wild strawberry. A frozen bûche that plays with the contrasts of textures and flavors.

PH buche 2

Bûche Infiniment Pamplemousse

Chocolate delicate lemon leaves announce the rhythm: this bûche elegantly reveals its aromas, worked in the manner of a perfumer to enhance the aromatic palette of this generous fruit with a delicate pulp. The cloves and nutmeg sublimates the aromas of the fruit.
The Bûche Infiniment Pamplemousse is a delicious ode to the pink grapefruit.

PH buche 2018 3


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