Citrus caprese

Buntan ice cream, Konatsu yuzu fruit fluff, candied buntan and nahoshici consomme.
By Janice Wong, pastry chef in Singapore



100 gm Egg Yolk
250 gm Sugar
13 gm Ice Cream Stabiliser
1320 ml Full Cream Milk
215 ml Cream
80 gm Glucose Syrup
130 gm Skimmed Milk Powder
760 ml Buntan Juice

In a mixer whisk yolk, sugar and stabiliser till “Ribbon Stage. ”Boil milk, cream, glucose and milk powder, stream mixture into yolk.
Add in Buntan juice and cook mixture to 84ºC. Cool mixture down and churn in an ice-cream machine. Reserve ice-cream in freezer.


250 gm Yuzu Juice
100 ml Water
20 gm Simple Syrup (1:1)
250 gm Konatsu Juice
9 sheets Gelatine

Combine yuzu puree with water and simple syrup. Boil Konatsu juice and dissolve bloomed gelatine and add into above mixture.
In a mixer, whisk on high speed to fluff.


1 nos Buntan Peel
100 gm Simple Syrup (1:1)

Cut Buntan peel into 3 x 3 cm cubes and blanch skin for 10 mins. In a vacuum bag, sous-vide blanched buntan peel with 1:1 proportion simple syrup and cure for 24 hours refrigerated.


5 nos Fresh Naoshichi
20 % Caster Sugar

Cut Naoshichi fruit (skin- on) into 8 segments. In a vacuum bag, vacuum Naoshichi segments with 20% of sugar for 48 hours. Keep refrigerated. Reserve liquid and discard segments.

Janice Wong
pastry chef, Singapore
In “A Taste of Kochi Citrus” by Janice Wong
Photo Janice Wong


About Buntan

Tosa*-Buntan, widely known as Buntan, is produced in Kochi and Kochi’s production share in Japan accounts for more than 90%. Kochi is very suitable for cultivating.
Buntan thanks to its comparatively long daylight hours, the temperature differences across the day, and the welldrained soil of the slopes in the mountainous areas.
The fruits are harvested from December – January, and are then stored for a month or two until it becomes ripe.
Byremoving the flesh, which is a thick layer of skin, one can enjoy the freshness of the buntan citrus.
The matured Buntan has a unique texture, with a well-balanced, mild, sweet and bitter taste.
* Tosa is the old name for Kochi Prefecture.

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