Cold Fusion

Cold Confusion Rambaldi

Cold Fusion is the original recipe by Beppe Rambaldi…



Cold Confusion Rambaldi



Squeeze 10 limes and 10 lemons and add 100 g of sugar syrup. Put the mixture in a plastic bag for vacuum packing (23×26 cm) and freeze it in order to obtain a thin layer.

Cut the lemon layer using a round tool (11 cm in diameter) to obtain 4 small discs (1/2 cm thickness). Put the discs on baking paper and freeze.


Put on each disc:

some lemon sugar

a pinch of ginger

a drop of mint alcohol

some mint/liquorice candies

two small kiwi balls

2 pieces of orange

1 piece of raspberry gelly

Freeze again.


The egg

Separate 4 egg yolks from the egg whites and put them in a tray on a layer of sugar. Cover the yolks with some more sugar and let them rest for 9-10 hours.

Cut each yolk with a lancet or knife and remove the liquid, in order to obtain a very thin membrane. Fill it with vanilla cream using a syringe (without needle). Vanilla cream is prepared infusing a piece of vanilla pod in 100 g of cream. Roll the yolks into sugar and put them on baking paper.



Remove the discs from the freezer and put on each of them:

1 blackberry

2 blueberries

10 g of tonic water gelly

1/4 bladder cherry

2/4 of a strawberry

2 half raspberries

1 piece of ananas

some pieces of mint leaves

5 meringues

some scraped coconut

1 egg yolk in the middle.

Serve pouring 60 g of carbonated water.


Beppe Rambaldi – Rivoli, Torino, Italy

photo Identità Golose



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