Constellation Tart by Anabelle Lucantonio

The Pastry Queen 2018 Anabelle Lucantonio presents the recipe Costellation Tart
Coconut ginger biscuit, red berry and yuzu compote, pistachio mousse, almond pistachio shortbread pastry, pistachio icing, and Bronte pistachio praline
Recipe for 22 Tart s of Ø 7 c m




16 g of biscuit of Ø 6 cm
120 g White almond powder
120 g Icing sugar
33 g Egg whites
9 g Potato starch
60 g Grated coconut
120 g Whole eggs
38 g Egg whites
15 g Caster sugar
85 g Butter 82%
30 g Fresh ginger
2 g Lemon zests

Combine the almond powder and icing sugar in a food processor. Add the potato starch and eggs, grated fresh ginger, lemon zests and egg whites. Lightly emulsify. Use a rubber spatula to add the grated coconut. Add the whipped egg whites and melted butter.
Spread on a 35 x 25 cm silicon mat. Bake at 160°C for 12 minutes.


15 g of compote of Ø 6 cm
18 g Water
55 g Caster sugar
1 g Vanilla pod
70 g Raspberry puree
8 g Lemon juice
50 g Yuzu puree
4 g Liquid vanilla
3 g Pectin 325 NH
2 g Xanthan gum
2.5 g Caster sugar
174 g Raspberries
174 g Cherries

Cook the water and sugar to 125°C. Deglaze with the raspberry puree and cook up to 105°C. Pour over the raspberries and cherries and add the scraped vanilla pod, lemon juice, liquid vanilla and yuzu puree. Add the caster sugar, mixed with the xanthan gum and pectin and bring to a boil. Pipe onto the coconut ginger biscuit.


18-20 g of mousse in moulds of Ø 7 cm
100 g Whole milk
100 g UHT sterilised cream 35%
40 g Egg yolks
30 g Caster sugar
6 g Food grade gelatine leaves type gold
250 g UHT sterilised cream 35%
70 g Pistachio paste

Make a crème anglaise. Add the pistachio paste and the gelatine leaves (after softening in cold water). Add the whipped cream when the crème anglaise is at 35°C.


Fr 22 bottom of pie of Ø 9 cm and 22 stamped discs of Ø 9 cm
374 g Butter 82%
240 g Icing sugar
132 g Eggs
52 g Egg yolks
612 g Flour
50 g Almond powder
56 g Pistachio powder
4 g Salt

Rub together the flour, salt and butter in a stand mixer with a flat beater. Add the icing sugar and the almond and pistachio powders and finish with the eggs. Cover with plastic wrap and reserve in the refrigerator.
Bake in a ventilated oven at 150°C for 12 minutes.



300 g Pistachio praline
150 g UHT sterilised cream 35%
450 g Neutral icing
50 g Water
8 g Food grade gelatine leaves type gold

Thin out the pistachio praline with the hot cream. Heat the neutral icing with the water, add the softened gelatine, hydrated to a boil, then pour over the cream/ pistachio praline mixture.
Mix and use at 40°C.



For 22 balls of 10 g
300 g Pistachio praline
Pipe the pistachio praline in a half-sphere Flexipan mould and place in the freezer.



420 g Water
25 g Vegetable gelatine
80 g Caster sugar
0.5 g Gold powder

Bring to a boil the water, sugar and vegetable gelatine. At a boil, add the gold powder and use to coat the frozen pistachio praline ball.

Anabelle Lucantonio
pastry chef DGF
foto DGF

montaggio Anabelle

Anabelle Lucantonio in the box during the competition The Pastry Queen 2018 (Sigep Rimini, Italy)


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