Recope by
Sal de Riso

Carrot cake
Buffalo yogurt mousse
Orange gelatin
Lavender flower semi candied carrots


For 12 jars

Carrot cake
extra virgin olive oil     g    60
sugar    g    100
peeled carrots    g    100
peeled sweet almonds    g    100
whole eggs (n. 2)    g    100
flour 00    g    100
baking powder for cakes    g    4
Strega liqueur    g    12
Grate the carrots and then place them in a chef mixer, together with all the ingredients. Beat for approx. 1 minute, until the mixture is smooth and silky. Divide it into 12 jars which have already been greased, up to a height of 1,5 cm. Place the open jars in the oven at 165°C for 12 minutes. Check if it is cooked using a skewer and then leave to cool at room temperature.

Buffalo yogurt mousse
buffalo yogurt    g    600
sugared semi-whipped cream    g    480
egg yolks (n. 8)    g    160
sugar    g    200
water    g    100
gelatine sheets    g    12
Pour the water into a pan, add the sugar and heat to 121°C. Drizzle this solution onto the egg yolks which have been placed in a mixing bowl and whip with an electric mixer until they have quadrupled in quantity. To one side, in another bowl, semi-whip the cream with the sugar and then add the yogurt. Incorporate the warm gelatine, already melted over a very low flame after being left to soak in cold water, to this latter mixture. Emulsify using an electric whisk and delicately add the whipped egg yolks, using a spatula. Pour the buffalo yogurt mousse into each jar, on top of the carrot cake, and place in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Orange gelatin
orange juice    g    200
sugar    g    120
pectin    g    6
large pieces of orange rind    g    20
Costa d’Amalfi lemons    n.    1
gelatine    g    8
Mix the sugar with the pectin and add the juice and the rind cut into julienne. Boil for 3 minutes and add lemon juice. Leave to cool and then pour a thin layer into the refrigerated jars.

Lavender flower semi candied carrots
small baby carrots    n.    24
sugar    g    200
water    g    200
dried lavender flowers    g    2
Stew the carrots in water with the sugar and lavender flowers for 10 minutes. After approx. 12 hours, boil again for 1 minute and keep in fridge. To complete the dessert, decorate each jar with the lavender flower, semi candied carrots with. Serve at +4°C.

Salvatore De Riso
Tramonti,  Italy

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