Creamy Heart

Recipe by
the pastry chef Leonardo Di Carlo
From “Tradition in Evolution” (Chiriotti Editori)
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(ph. Giancarlo Bononi)


Vanilla sablé

   600 g soft butter  
   250 g icing sugar  
  15 g acacia honey  
  no. 1   vanilla bean   
  200 g  egg yolks   
  5 g   salt 
   500 g weak flour   
  20 g   baking powder 
  75 g  roasted almond powder   

Mix the butter with the icing sugar, honey, vanilla bean and salt; add a little at a time the egg yolks and then the flour, already sifted with the baking powder and the roasted almond powder.
Using a sac-à-poche (piping bag) with a smooth tip no 6-7, fill the mixture into silicone Flexipan moulds for savarin, cook in the oven at 150°-160°C for 25 minutes. Remove from the moulds and cool down.


Custard cream

  1 L fresh milk 
  250 g  fresh cream 35% butterfat   
  no. 1  vanilla bean   
  no. 1  grated lemon rind  
  240 g   sugar  
  300 g egg yolks   
  90 g   maize starch  
  2 g  salt  

Blend and warm the milk, cream, vanilla bean, grated lemon rind and half the quantity of sugar. In the meantime, prepare a batter with the maize starch, sugar, salt and egg yolks; blend until obtaining a smooth mixture. When the milk reaches the boiling point, mix in the previous mixture and cook. Pour in a mould with baking paper, cover and freeze in the blast chiller.


Milk and lemon soft ganache

  120 g   fresh cream 35% butterfat
  no. 1/2  grated lemon rind 
  130 g chocolate 33%

Boil the fresh cream with the grated lemon rind and infuse for 5 minutes. Pour it slowly on the finely chopped chocolate and blend with a plastic spatula, in order to obtain an elastic and shiny emulsion.


Pour a thin layer of soft lemon and milk ganache in the center of the savarin. Once it is crystallized, fill with custard cream and decorate with some fresh fruit.

Leonardo Di Carlo

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