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Grapefruit, Black Sesame, Soymilk
by Sean Pera Pastry Cook
The Umstead Hotel & Spa


Grapefruit Curd

Y= 4 portions
Grapefruit Juice    125 g
Sugar    188 g
Whole Eggs    157 g
Grapefruit Zest, fresh    3 g
Butter, unsalted, softened    235 g

1.    Combine the grapefruit juice, sugar, eggs and grapefruit zest in a bowl and cook over a hot water bath until thickened while whisking constantly. The mixture should reach 185°F.
2.    Take the mixture off the heat and whisk in the butter.
3.    Place a piece of plastic wrap on the surface of the curd and cool to room temperature. Place under refrigeration until ready to use for service.

Fermented Grapefruit Foam
Y= 4 portions

Grapefruit Juice    288 g
Stiegl-Goldbräu Beer    200 g
Egg White Powder    12 g
Xanthan Gum    2 g

1.    Place all of the ingredients in a blender. Blend on low speed for 5 minutes.
2.    Pour into an iSi canister and charge with one N2o cartridge. Shake vigorously.

Pistachio Micro Cake
Y= 4 portions

Egg White    250 g
Egg Yolk    160 g
Natural Cane Sugar    160 g
Pistachio Superior Paste    160 g
All-Purpose Flour    60 g

1.    Mix the egg whites, egg yolks, sugar and pistachio paste in a blender and mix until fully homogenized.
2.    Add the flour and mix until just combined.
3.    Pour into an iSi canister and charge with three N2o cartridges.
4.    Expel into paper cups, one third of their volume.
5.    Microwave on full power for 40 seconds.
6.    Reserve in an airtight container.

Umeboshi Gelee
Y= 4 portions

Plum Wine    340 g (reduce to 170 g)
Umeboshi Vinegar    56 g
Gelatin Sheets    3 each
Nielsen Massey Vanilla Bean-Tahitian    1 each

1.    Reduce the plum wine by half.
2.    Add the umeboshi vinegar.
3.    Melt the gelatin by whisking into the hot liquid.
4.    Pour into a container and chill over an ice bath until set.
5.    Reserve in the refrigerator until service.

Soymilk Gelato
Y= 4 portions

Soymilk, unsweetened    1,650 g
Pregel Neutral Soya Base    825 g
1.    Combine all of the ingredients in a large container.
2.    Mix well for 2-3 minutes using an immersion blender.
3.    Place in a batch freezer and process according to the machine’s instructions.

Black Sesame Chocolate Powder
Y= 4 portions

Black Sesame Seeds    150 g
Obsession White Chocolate, 30%    30 g
Honey    30 g
Amidated Tapioca Maltodextrin    50 g
Salt     2 g

1.    Combine the sesame seeds, white chocolate, honey, tapioca maltodextrin and salt in a blender.
2.    Blend until the mixture is powdered.
3.    Reserve in an airtight container at room temperature.

Crystallized Ash Shell
Y= 4 portions

Egg Whites    35 g
Powdered Sugar    200 g
Edible Vegetable Ash or Black Food Coloring    12 g
Sugar    1,400 g
Water    460 g

1.    Whisk together the egg whites and powdered sugar to create the royal icing. Cover with plastic wrap and reserve.Place the ash, sugar and water in a small saucepan. Place over medium-high heat and boil until the mixture reaches 126° F. Remove the pan from the heat.
2.    Add 35 grams of the royal icing and stir until it begins to foam. Keep stirring until it becomes smooth again. Place back on the heat and let the mixture rise. As it reaches the top of the pot pour the mixture out into the silicone mold and cap with the lid. Let the mixture rise inside the mold.Let cool to room temperature.
3.    Using a dremel tool or a power drill, create an opening not bigger than a ¼ of the size of the sphere and grind out the inside of the sphere to create a hollow shell.
4.    Reserve in an airtight container.

Sean Pera
Pastry Cook
The Umstead Hotel & Spa
Cary, NC USA

Sean Pera 2


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