Destination Chocolate Planet

The new collection by Nicolas Cloiseau for La Maison du Chocolat


The new Easter creation by Nicolas Cloiseau for La Maison du Chocolat heads for the Chocolate Planet. The well-known chocolatier has created ten exclusive artistic eggs in pure 39% Peru milk chocolate and 66% Ecuador dark chocolate: artisanal “ufo” eggs realized in the Nanterre atelier, imagined as a Russian doll balanced on an egg, weighing over 7 kg of chocolate; on the belt there is a disc and inside there is a second “cabin” egg and 50 pralines. Decorated with more than 650 holes, complete with a swirl on the back.
The crew on board consists of captain Ecuador, pilot Peru and the agent Jamaica, artisanal oval bars with wide open eyes, in 66% Ecuadorian dark chocolate, with wood and flower notes, in 39% organic milk chocolate with roasted and caramelized nuts, and 70% Jamaican dark.

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