Diemme: Coffee’s Pure Culture

Cosy and elegant: this is Diemme’s hall. Welcoming the most demanding gourmets of high-quality roasted coffee are the brothers Giannandrea, Sebastiano and Federico Dubbini, the third generation of the historical roasting company set up in 1927 by grandparents Emma and Romeo.

As it often happens, a coffee is the first step to begin a mutual acquaintance, a sign of that transparency already announced by the bright environments. It is here that the story of nearly one hundred years of expertise and innovations begins, that have resulted in Diemme spreading the culture of espresso made in Italy to 40 foreign countries and managing prestigious coffee shops, thanks to partnerships based on reciprocal trust, the transmission of know-how and the customization of services.
The art of roasting reveals itself little by little, while a suffused fragrance is felt all around: from the selection of single-origin coffees unique in the world, to the search for a perfect balance between technological precision and proficient craftsmanship.  
Loyalty to the values of tradition and the aspiration to on-going improvement likewise blend in the higher quality of the Torrefazione Dubbini brand, the range of gourmet coffee already conceived at grandparents times, in order for it to be freely combined with the fine pastry creations: a family dream by now finally come true, which manifests in a rediscovered taste for unexpected sensory experiences.
That is how, amid confectionary specialities, the fruit of fantasy and science, of exclusive inherited recipes and love for detail, Torrefazione Dubbini, with its top of the range Caffè Superiore, takes the stage as a special guest which, precisely at Diemme, master pastry chefs are able to find and experiment over and over again, as a natural completion of their art, thanks to fully-fledged labs where perceptions blend.  



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