Discovering Pan di Stracci

An Italian pastry specialty inspired by the regenerated cloths of Prato, the largest textile district in Europe


Circular economy enters the pastry scene. Leonardo Cai is a student of industrial design at the DIDA Design Campus of the University in Florence and he created thePan di Stracci with the support of the pastry chef Massimo Peruzzi. The brioche was inspired by regenerated cloths production, an excellence of Prato, and now this specialty is available with classic fillings and on request at the Perruzzi shop, as well as online.
The art of reuse refers to the transformation of cloth remnants in fine products, and following the same principle Pan di Stracci is prepared with the dough brioche leftovers. The rectangles and triangles of dough are entwined in the shape of a fan, which then becomes a ring. They are subsequently closed to obtain small balls to be placed in a cake mould. After leavening at a controlled temperature (for a night), they are cooked in a pan. Even their irregular shape is reminescent of the high heaps of cloths selected by chromatic bands.

If the pastry chef adds cocoa powder, matcha tea, turmeric and coconut paste, or strawberry paste in the dough, an entire collection is obtained with nuances such as the brown of the Cammellitto version (filled with almond cream), the green of Verzino (with pistachio cream and white chocolate), the yellow of Mezzochiaro filled with chantilly cream, and the red of Rossino, with fig jam.
Also the packaging is inspired by circular economy. In the latest special edition, Pan di Stracci is contained in a regenerated denim bag, made of 100% cotton yarn, taking inspiration by the ancient Furoshiki Japanese tradition.


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