EUROPAIN & INTERSUC 2016 The stakes for the bakery-pastry industry

Guided by consumers’ changing moods and expectations, the market and professionals in the industry have to adapt to new requirements.
Based on the 2015 qualitative survey conducted by CHD Expert with professionals, Europain & Intersuc 2016 now focuses on the major current and future stakes for the bakery-pastry sector and proposes concrete solutions for the different trades.


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More than 9 out of 10 bakers now propose savoury products; up 10% compared to the past 3 years, Etude 2015 CHD Expert

These figures attest to the overall trend in the sector that artisans must take into account: snacking. According to a recent survey, to the question ‘where would you like to find the most snacks to eat on the go?’ 42% of consumers answered ‘in bakeries’ compared to supermarkets with 36% of answers, explains Jean-Pierre Crouzet, President of the ‘Confédération Nationale de la Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Française’ (CNBPF).
For Nicolas Nouchi – General Manager of CHD Expert – ‘Today bakery catering represents the essential drive for development in the bakery sector. It also illustrates the main challenges for the trade: in order to ensure client loyalty and win over new clients, or simply to develop business, bakers must propose a diversified offering (lunch, snacks, brunch…) and continuously renew their ranges of bread products. However, this is not enough, it is also important to know how to sell the products and sell them well. How? By proposing good and practical products, by offering a unique experience through specific product arrangements or services (online orders, home delivery).’

New 2016!
•    Eat in Bakery area: featuring products, equipment and solutions for ‘snacking’
•    The Baker’s Lab: 35 workshops introducing the latest innovations in terms of equipment, products and trends in health-nutrition, including contributions by La Tribune des Métiers on the theme of ‘My Internet Bakery’
•    The Baker’s Restaurant more than thirty live demonstrations to help develop the catering offering, including ‘Snacking Battles’ by La Toque Magazine and events proposed by France Snacking


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For artisan pastry shops, 50% of the turnover is made up of fresh pastry, Etude CHD Expert facts de 2014

The challenge for the pastry sector is to be able to propose classical recipes that are surprising in their taste, associating pleasure and reason thanks to products that are light and contain less fat, but are still just as exquisitely gourmet, and finally highlight the products using specific arrangements and presentations after the fashion of the luxury industry. This is the perfect equation to offer consumers a unique sensory experience’, explains Nicolas Nouchi.
Pierre Mirgallet, president of the French ‘Confédération Nationale des Artisans Pâtissiers’, insists on the importance of differentiation : ‘Artisans need to stand out […] by being innovative in terms of shapes, combining flavours, and using noble raw products that are not profitable for industrial production’. He explains that these professionals also have specific technical requirements : ‘Pastry chefs have a real need for communication tools to keep up with increasingly demanding standards. Artisans must be able to rely on sturdy equipment that keeps costs at a reasonable level, and adapted to their investment capacity.’

•    Intersuc Lab: more than 35 sweet demonstrations illustrating the latest techniques and trends in pastry, chocolate, ice-cream making, and confectionery, including the sweet edition of the ‘Festival de la Créativité’, organised by magazine Le Chef
•    • The Festival Sens & Chocolat organised by PLANETGOUT: roundtables, demonstrations, Masterclasses on grand cru chocolate. The country of honour this year is Venezuela.


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Driven by the development of new types of bread and distribution circuits, industrial production for bread and pastry increased 5.4% in 2013, Source ANMF 2013

The sector must focus on efficiency flexibility, and user-friendliness to offer tasty products that are appealing, even when manufactured on a large scale as it must endeavour to satisfy a variety of tastes in France and around the world and also satisfy new requirements in terms of traceability and hygiene’, says Nicolas Nouchi.
Reliability and consistent production quality are essential. For Didier Soumet, President of Breteche Industrie and Vice-President of EKIP Technologies & Innovations Committee: ‘The trend for tomorrow lies in designing machines that allow industrials to better master and control the methods !’

•    Café des Conférences. Conferences and roundtables hosted by FEBPF in particular will enable visitors to keep up to date with the stakes and challenges of the industrial bakery-pastry sector (methods, quality, exportation…)

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