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Chocolate Awards



Chocolate Awards

This year’s European Semi-finals for International Chocolate Awards will be held in Florence, Italy, 27 February3 March. The Semi-final will judge all European and Asian plain/origin bars and will judge other categories for companies without their own National round. If you are entering plain/origin dark, milk or white bars from Europe or Asia, please enter your bars now. If you are entering flavoured bars, filled chocolates or spreads, please check the list of countries below.
Please enter online here:
The closing date for entries is 25 February. The last day for samples is 26 February.

The following countries have their own competition for flavoured bars, filled chocolates and spreads and may enter only plain/origin bars in the Semi-final:

Entries from all other European countries including the UK, France and Italy should be sent to the European Semi-final in Italy. Asian-Pacific companies may enter either this competition or the Americas competition, which will be at the end of May (but only one).
Following suggestions from entrants, judges and our Grand Jury, we are adding the following separate categories this year so products can be judged against other entries of a similar type:

High percentage plain/origin dark bars (85% and over)
Rough ground plain/dark origin bars
Plain/dark origin bars using alternative sugars (eg coconut blossom sugar)
Caramalized plain/origin white chocolate bars
For flavoured dark and milk bars, we have new separate categories for each of:  bars with fillings, bars with infusionsand bars with inclusions/pieces.

Full details of the competition, categories and rules for all competitions can be downloaded from the website
For any questions,

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