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original ravioli-1.dress

Wearable foods exhibit…


original ravioli-1.dress                                original wearable.foods.cheese

Korean artist Yeonju Sung has a knack for turning produce and pantry staples like pasta into edible fashion pieces. Her latest Wearable Foods series is being exhibited at the Art Merge Lab in Los Angeles. For the series, Sung has reimagined some of her stunning food fashion into prints. In her world fruit becomes pants, ravioli is used to make a dress, cheese is turned into a jacket and so forth. Her collection involves 10 photographed prints that bring her vision of food fashion to life. Gallery director Jae Yang explains “the work is not about fashion, but identity: clothes are the closest objects to our body, they represent our identity. In a materialistic society, you are judged by what you wear.”

Sung’s exhibit in Los Angeles runs until November 1st

Art Merge Lab
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Photo Yeonju Sung
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Food Fashion

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