Recipe by Pietro Macellaro
Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana
Piaggine, Sa, Italy


Wild apple and strawberry bavarese.
“The small wild apples are picked, selected, carefully washed, the core is removed and they are placed in a saucepan to boil for a few hours with a pinch of cinnamon powder. When they are cooled, they are blended, still with the peel, which remains in the sweet giving to it the sensation that one is really tasting this apple in an innovative colour and form (genuine flavour-original presentation).
Once blended, store in a vacuum pace bag, labelled and frozen straightaway. When needed, it is brought to the boil,
in this way we manage to cover almost the entire year producing this sweet”.


For the bavarese base
g    1000  fresh whole milk   
g    360 sugar   
g    360 egg yolks  
g    50 rice starch   
Mix the yolks with the starch and sugar. Bring the milk to the boil and add the yolks and heat to 83-85°C. Cool and use, reheating a part to dissolve the gelatine in.

For the classic light biscuit with almonds
g    1000 TPT with almonds    
g    270 egg yolks    
g    420 eggs    
g    920 egg whites   
g    8 dried egg whites    
g    340 sugar    
g    400 flour   
Whisk the TPT with the eggs. Whisk the egg whites with the dried egg whites and sugar until stiff. Mix the two together and fold in the flour. Spread to a thickness of 5 mm on silicone paper. Bake at 220°C for approx. 8 minutes.

For the strawberry glaze
g    500transparent neutral glaze for brushing    
g    30 strawberries   
g    30 gelatine sheets   
red colouring  as required
Heat the strawberries puree, blend finely. Add the colouring and the gelatine sheets, which have been previously softened in cold water and mix together with the transparent neutral glaze for brushing.

For the strawberry aspic
g    250 strawberries  
g    50 sugar    
g    7 gelatine sheets   
Heat a part of the puree, add the gelatine which has been softened in cold water, the sugar and mix. Pour in the rest of the puree, mix and pour into the silicon moulds and freeze.

For the wild apple bavarese
g    450 bavarese base   
g    30 gelatine sheets   
g    850 wild apple puree    
g    600 fresh cream    
Heat a part of the bavarese base, and dissolve the gelatine, which has already been softened in cold water, in it. Add the wild apple puree, the rest of the bavarese and lighten with the semi-whipped cream.

Calvados syrup
g    345 water  
g    400 sugar   
g    255 Calvados    

Final composition

Assemble in a steel ring, a layer of light almond biscuit, wet with the Calvados, pour in the wild apple mousse, add the strawberry aspic. Place a second layer of the biscuit, wet and finish off with the wild apple bavarese. Blast chill. Remove from the mould, glaze and decorate.

Pietro Macellaro
Pasticceria Agricola Cilentana
Piaggine, Sa, Italy

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