Diego Lozano
Escola de Confeitaria
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Composition / Layers
•    Coconut Biscuit
•    Crumble
•    Coconut Crocquant
•    Pineapple and Lime Compote
•    Vanilla and Lime Mousse
•    Green Glaze

Coconut Biscuit
Egg whites    65 g
Refined sugar    65 g
Whole eggs    22,5 g
Egg yolks    55 g
Dry coconut     45 g
Flour    50 g
Butter    30 g

Mount the egg whites with the sugar in peaks. Reserve. Aside, mix the whole eggs, egg yolks, coconut, flour and the melted butter. At the end, blend with the egg whites. Spread the dough between two frames and bake for 12 minutes to 160° C.

Unsalted butter    115 g
Refined sugar    115 g
Almond flour    115 g
Flour    115 g

Mix all the ingredients and bake for 15 minutes to 160° C.

Coconut Crocquant
Crumble    450 g
White chocolate    195 g
Fleur de sel    1 g
Grated coconut    85 g

Break the crumble, mix with the melted chocolate and the remaining ingredients. Spread in two frames, freeze and cut.

Pineapple and Lime Compote
Pineapple pulp    280 g
Lime zest    1 unit
Refined sugar    140 g
Pectine NH    5 g

Heat the pulp and zest to 40° C, add the sugar with the pectine and cook until slightly thick.  Keep under refrigeration until the moment of utilization.

Vanilla and Lime Mousse
Cream (35%) (1)    112 g
Vanilla bean    1 unit
White chocolate    167 g
Cream (35%) (2)    250 g
Heat the cream (1) with the vanilla and pour over the white chocolate. When it is completely melted, with a shiny and homogeneous appearance, whip the cream (2) and combine both of the mixtures. 

Green Glaze
Water    50 g
Refined sugar    100 g
Glucose    100 g
Condensed milk    65 g
Gelatin mass (1 g gelatin per 6 g water)    45 g
White chocolate    100 g
Green powder dye “Diego Lozano”    5 g

In a saucepan, boil the water, sugar and glucose to 103°C. Add the condensed milk and the gelatin mass. Pour over the white chocolate with the powder dye and mix. Sift through a chinoy, cover with plastic film and let it stand until it reaches the temperature of 30°C. Apply over the frozen entremet.

Assembly and Decoration

Fill half of the Pavoni silicon mold with the vanilla and lime mousse, place the frozen filling and finish with the remaining mousse. Freeze. Unmold 6 semi spheres, apply the green glaze and place over the coconut crocquant.
Decorate with lime zests and pastillage flowers.

 Diego Lozano
Escola de Confeitaria
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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