Frozen dessert trends are moving fast

The rich flavour and creamy texture of her popsicles leave a strong impression. Gigi Teoh, the owner of Idolci Gelato in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia’s Team Captain at the 2022 Asian Gelato Cup, reveals some new frozen dessert trends and presents the recipe of Pandan gelato stick



Gigi Teoh is the owner of the Idolci Gelato in Kuala Lumpur and a gelato celebrity in Malaysia, due to her unique way to blend local natural ingredients with traditional artisanal gelato-making methods. There are big expectations for the upcoming performance of the Malaysia Team that she is going to leads at the 2022 Asian Gelato Cup, from October 25th to 28th 2022 at FHA-HoReCa in Singapore.
The following Pandan gelato stick is one of her famous popsicle recipes published in an interview for Frozen Art Chef. Chef Teoh here reveals that frozen dessert trends are moving fast. “People are becoming more health conscious and well informed and the desserts of the future will comply to different dietary requirements. We have been asked to make gelato suitable for lacto intolerants, people on low GI diets and keto diets. In the meantime, my factory is already producing plant-based gelato in large volumes. Furthermore, some customers also want to know if our ingredients come from sustainable sources”. 


Pandan gelato stick

942 g milk
45 g whipping cream 35.1% fat
10 g skimmed milk powder
185 g sugar
8 g fresh pandan leaves
38 g dextrose
22 g stabilizer

Mix and melt all the ingredients first, then batch freeze.

Gigi Teoh
Idolci Gelato
for Frozen Art Chef Carpigiani

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