Fruit and flower

The strawberry dessert by chef Enrico Crippa

In the creation of June, the chef of Piazza Duomo in Alba, Italy, Enrico Crippa elects the strawberry as the protagonist, exploring its flavor in unusual combinations with shellfish, raw meat, up to Salad 41 with elderflower. To it, he dedicates then Strawberries Vacherin. Featuring the zero km products selection, he chooses the variety of Sommariva Perno, a small town in Roero, the most renowned in Piedmont for this production that began in the early 1950s.

To enhance its double soul of fruit and flower, he offers a dessert consisting of a meringue stuffed with an almond biscuit, strawberry gelato and whipped cream covered with powdered yogurt; a strawberry salad dressed with a muscatel jelly, flowers and herbs to be tasted together with the “snack”, prepared with a steamed sponge cake stuffed with a mozzarella parfait. And finally, a fresh red fruit herbal tea, mixed with an extraction of strawberries.

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