GastroPan 2024: Which trends will make waves?

Between 14-16 March, in Romania, Brașov will host the international exhibition of GastroPan 2024, for bakery , confectionery, gelato, coffee, chocolate and

Between 14-16 March, in Romania, Brașov will host the international exhibition of GastroPan 2024, the 15th edition, the epicenter of innovation and excellence in bakery, confectionery and HoReCa. With the three exhibition halls (Dacia, Lux Divina, Parc), outdoor spaces and the area dedicated to the GastroPan Competitions, open to the general public, the event promises to offer an engaging and informative experience to all cooking enthusiasts. This event offers a complete overview of the latest equipment and technologies, alongside ingredients and working techniques that you can experience in real time at the exhibition stands. This year, the exhibitors bring both established solutions from their portfolio, as well as new ideas that promise to become catalysts for the profitability of bakeries, confectioneries, patisseries, gelaterias, pizzerias, bars, cafes, hotels or restaurants.
With over 100 renowned international suppliers, present directly or through local distributors, GastroPan brings the widest diversity of solutions and technologies in the industry. The exhibition serves as a barometer of business trends that will influence the industry in the year of 2024, identifying key directions for development and innovation in the specified field.



Among the exhibited products and services will be:

equipment and accessories for the food industry, but also details about consultancy, complete maintenance services, transport to the location, training that complete the machinery offer
paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry, specialized in the field of pastries and confectionery with a range of products of different shapes, colors, sizes, but also biodegradable
raw materials and ingredients for frozen, pre-leavened pastries and dough specialties or over 200 flavor notes intended for all branches of the food industry present at the Gastropan stands
digital solutions for managing the production process in bakeries and patisseries, developed by companies presenting themselves with an absolute novelty: a virtual space where those interested in the applicability of the solution can see a virtual presentation of a possible future physical reality or companies that creates systems to optimize and automate work processes, and each solution developed by the company is customized according to the specifics and absorption potential of the client
– solutions for the quality of raw materials and finished products that offer products that they manufacture: chemical tests, chemical oxygen consumption, conductometers, oxygen meters, ph/ises, titrators, magnetic stirrers, multiparameter instruments, photocolorimeters, thermohydrometers, refractometers, thermometers, turbidimeters, mini-controllers, process instruments, electrodes, reagent solutions
– atypical commercial caravans and elegant awnings, but also round trailers with everything necessary (gas, water, electricity, photovoltaic panels, silent gasoline generator) with the possibility of making any mobile application (ice cream shop, traditional cuisine, grills, sushi, pasta, mobile shop).

New products and trends presented at GastroPan 2024

What expectations do consumers have for tomorrow’s products? Along with industrial and artisanal bakery, digitalization and sustainability, food trends are a topic of interest at GastroPan, representing a perfect place to discover trends emerging around the world and how they can be applied to your own business.
Every day, new innovations and recipes, customized bakery concepts and creative technologies are developed taking into account the needs of consumers and the potential of the bakery industry. Since there have been many changes in recent years due to the pandemic, the biggest question is: what were the trends in previous years, but what are the trends in the year 2024? Four major trend themes are foreseen: digitization, health orientation, sustainability and natural-organic.

The talent of bakers, confectioners and chefs showcased at the GastroPan Competitions

A related event of the exhibition, the GastroPan Competitions are, for specialists in the field, the starting point of the year, the moment when new trends are set. In addition to the permanent attractions, the technologies, products and solutions presented at the exhibitors’ stands, the three days of the exhibition will host the three sections of the GastroPan Competitions: BAKERY-PASTRY, CONFECTIONERY, GASTRONOMY.
On Thursday, in the Confectionery section, the competitors will exhibit the most successful cakes with traditional Romanian raw materials, but we will also be able to admire folkloric artistic pieces, originating from Romanian fairy tales and traditions. The most coveted prize of the day will be the awarding of the Cake of the Year 2024 trophy. At the same time, the teams of pupil/student chefs enter the arena, who will compete in preparing the most appetizing festive platters.
In the Bakery-Pastry section, on Friday, numerous artisan bakers will present the best varieties of bread, but also products according to current trends – products with a clean label. The moment of the day will be the awarding of the Artisan bread of the Year 2024 trophy in Romania, as well as the best products of pupils and students.

To observe, experiment, taste the newest trends of the year, visit the exhibition by filling in the free access coupon

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