Gelato masterclasses for JRE chefs in Bologna

Carpigiani organized an exclusive masterclass program for 10 JRE chefs from Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK



In May, Carpigiani hosted a gelato masterclass which involved a group of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, in order to celebrate the art of gelato making in fine dining. The program welcomed in Bologna 10 JRE chefs from various countries and restaurants, known for their culinary expertise and innovation: Olivier Bauche (La Gloriette), Belgium; Patrick Jenal (Restaurant Kunz*), Germany; Kars van Wechem (De Saffraan), Ralph Hermans (Rantrée*), Edwin Soumang (ONE*), Netherlands; Ago Špacapan (Špacapanova hiša), Slovenia; Simon Petutschnig (Fera), in Spain;  Mark Dixon (The Kings Arms Flegg) and Akash Pandey (Shiuli), United Kingdom; Davide Botta (L’Artigliere*) and Aurora Mazzucchelli (Casa Mazzucchelli), Italy.
During the two days, the chefs had the opportunity to explore various aspects of gelato production and its use in desserts, while a final Q&A session enabled them to interact and deepen the understanding of the discussed concepts.
Some Carpigiani’s experts – including Matteo Andreola, business unit director; Stefano Marinucci, chef and gelato instructor; Gabriele Vannucci, pastry chef and gelato instructor – debated topics such as the basics of gelato, Gelato Crystal program, SyNthesis technology, Soft Serve Cocktail and the inclusion of gelato into dessert menus, while a guided tour of the Carpigiani’s production site and Gelato Museum was the right conclusion of this learning experience.
Both Carpigiani and JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs combine a commitment to innovation, sustainability and the pursuit of excellence. So in Carpigiani there is great satisfaction concerning this collaboration, which improves the company position in European gastronomy and commitment in favor of young professional, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. Daniel Lehmann, president of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, declared: “The key to Carpigiani’s success is its origin, its heritage and its quality. With a great focus on gastronomy, and thanks to its specific characteristics, expertise and versatility, Carpigiani it is the perfect companion for fine dining chefs”.

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