GEM100. The recipe by Silikomart Professional

In collaboration with pastry chef Fabrizio Fiorani, Silikomart Professional presents the recipe GEM100
Namelaka coffee, choux dough, white coffee cremoso and coffee sable
Coffe, yellow and dark gaze
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Milk 200 g
Dehydrated coffee 15 g
White chocolate 340 g
Gelatine 200Bloom 9 g
Cream 400 g

Bring milk and dehydrated coffee to a boil. Add rehydrated gelatin. With a hand blender, emulsify with chocolate, previously melted. Add liquid cream and continue emulsifying.


Milk 125 g
Water 125 g
Sugar 10 g
Salt 2 g
Butter 100 g
Flour 150 g
Eggs 225 g

Bring water, milk, butter, salt and sugar to a boil. Add sifted flour and cook for three minutes. Put in the kitchen robot and mix with a flat beater. Add eggs gradually. With a pastry bag, fill in SF006 Half-Sphere cavities – half spheres of Ø 1,5 cm- and freeze. In this way you will make identical cream puffs. Bake on micro-perforated mat Air Mat for 15-18 minutes. The first 8 minutes at 185ºC/365°F, then reduce the temperature at 170ºC/338°F until completely baked.


Cream 250 g
Milk 250 g
Egg yolks 80 g
Sugar 60 g
Gelatin 200Bloom 8 g
Coffee beans 50 g
White chocolate 325 g

Make a cold infusion with crumbled coffee beans, milk and cream. Filter. Make a creme anglaise adding egg yolks and sugar, add gelatin and emulsify with chocolate.


Flour 100 g
Almond flour 100 g
Brown sugar 100 g
Butter 100 g
Coffee beans 20 g

Mix all ingredients. Roll out to a thickness of 3 mm. Bake at 165°C/329°F for 14/16 minutes and waterproof with cocoa butter.


Chocolate 70% 100 g
Cocoa butter 100 g
Toasted hazelnuts 20 g

Mix all ingredients.


Cream 800 g
Espresso coffee 200 g
Glucose 200 g
Gelatin 200Bloom 12 g
White chocolate 35% 1400 g

Bring cream, coffee and glucose to a boil. Add rehydrated gelatin and emulsify with chocolate. Use at 35ºC/95°F


Sugar 300 g
Glucose 300 g
Water 150 g
Condensed milk 200 g
Gelatin 200Bloom 20 g
Water 120 g
White chocolate 300 g
Gold colourant 1 g
Yellow colourant 2 g

Bring sugar, glucose and water to a boil and make a syrup. Add rehydrated gelatin in the second part of water. Emulsify with condensed milk, chocolate and colourant. Filter and let crystallize for 24 hours before using. Use at 35ºC/95°F over a well-frozen dessert.


Isinglass 21 g
Water 140 g
Sugar 240 g
Glucose 240 g
Chocolate 64 % 230 g
Condensed milk 160 g
Absolute Glaze 110 g

Hydrate isinglass. Cook sugar, glucose and water at 103°C/217,4°F. Emulsify with chocolate and add the isinglass. Add milk and the glaze.


Stuff cream puffs with the white coffee cremoso. Let cool down in refrigerator and glaze with the chocolate syrup to make it crunchy. Pour a layer of namelaka in Gem100 mould’s cavities and put the glazed cream puff in the center of it. Freeze. Pour another layer of namelaka up to the mould’s border. Finish with the coffee sable. Freeze again, unmould and glaze.

Pastry Chef Fabrizio Fiorani

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