Gérard Dubois and his recipe in English and French

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Born and raised in Switzerland, Gérard became the founder and owner of La Rose Noire Holdings…

In 1991, Gérard Dubois opened the first La Rose Noire Pâtisserie on Hong Kong Island – a 30 seats restaurant and cake shop – and in 2 decades, it has turned into a reputable enterprise. Today, La Rose Noire employs more than 200 staff members working at its original production centre in Kowloon Bay. In 2004 a 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory was opened in Dongguan, South China, with over 600 employees, while in 2012 the company opened a standard factory in Clark Free Port, The Philippines, and also “Passion by Gérard Dubois” Boulangerie – Pâtisserie – Confiserie” in Hong Kong. From an initial selection of 28 items, La Rose Noire now has over 500 varieties in its product brochure, fulfilling the needs of different sectors in the market. 

Gérard is also an author of culinary publications and his volume “Crafted Passion” (2011) was awarded for “Best Dessert Book in the World “at the 17th Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. This recipe is taken from that book. 

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Chocolate Sable Dough

plain flour                                                   g                          110

bitter cocoa butter                                     g                          15

soft butter                                                  g                          75

icing sugar                                                 g                          45

almond powder                                         g                          15

whole egg                                                  g                          25

pich of sea salt

Mix all the ingredients well except the flour. Sieve the flour and add slowly to the mixture by hand. Refrigerate overnight before using.


Rose Cream Chiboust

milk                                                            g                          90

whipped cream                                         g                          90

egg yolks                                                   g                          45

sugar                                                         g                          45

corn starch                                                g                          10

candied rose petals                                   g                          3

rose oil                                                       n.                         2 drops

soaked gelatin leaves                                g                          2

whipped cream                                         g                          135

Make a pastry cream. Add the candied rose petals and rose oil, blend in the gelatin, let it cool. Fold in the whipped cream.



Candied rose petals, fresh fruit, five sided cube constructed with thin layers of sugar decoration.



Pâte Sablée au Chocolat

farine pâtissière                                         g                          110

beurre de cacao amer                              g                          15

beurre à temperature ambiante                g                          75

sucre glace                                                g                          45

amandes en poudre                                  g                          15

oeuf entier                                                 g                          25

pincée de sel de mer

Bien mélanger tous les ingrédients à l’exception de la farine. Tamiser la farine et incorporer lentement à la main. Réfrigérer la pâte avant de l’abaisser.


Crème Chiboust à la Rose

lait                                                              g                          90

crème liquide                                             g                          90

jaunes d’oeufs                                           g                          45

sucre                                                         g                          45

maïzena                                                     g                          10

pétales de rose confits                              g                          3

extrait de rose                                           n.                         2 gouttes

feuilles de gélatine trempées                    g                          2

crème fouettée                                          g                          135

Faire une crème pâtissière puis mélanger avec les pétales de rose confits et l’extrait de rose. Ajouter les feuilles de gélatine. Laisser refroidir. Incorporer la crème fouettée.



Pétales de rose confits et fruits frais, cube à cinq faces monté avec de fines plaques de décoration en sucre.

Gérard Dubois

“Crafted Passion”

photo A. Chester Ong






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