Graphic CHIC by La Maison du Chocolat

A supercharged, hypnotic energy has taken over the macaron gift boxes turning the tables on chic and pleasure. Stunning graphics, trendy, almost sparkling offer visions of gourmandise. Vibrant stripes create optical illusions; the pop art lines bring an impressionistic lightness.  Free-form vibrant patterns underscore in bold colours our cravings for this delicate round cookie.
The chocolate unveils a palette of intense flavours. An assortment with a choice among 12 ganache macarons: dark chocolate, robust dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coffee, caramel, hazelnut praliné, coconut and lime, vanilla, pistachio, citron & lemon zest, passion fruit, and raspberry.

Graphic & Chic Macaron Gift Box Collection by La Maison du Chocolat is available in 4 sizes. Eau fraîche Gift Box (6 macarons), Bayadère Gift Box (12), Palmeraie Gift Box (24), and Orange Magnetic Gift Box (36).


New macarons gift box La Maison du Chocolat CarolineFaccioli 4

New macarons gift box La Maison du Chocolat CarolineFaccioli 12

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