Hamon and his recipe in English and French

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He is a pastrychef and owner with his wife of the confectionery shop Hamon in Brest, France…

He is also the inventor of P’tit Zef, a range of products based on caramel with salted butter, a specialty from Brittany.

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For 3 entremets of 18 cm in diameter


Strawberry mousse

egg whites                                                                                    g                 150

caster sugar                                                                                  g                 150

strawberry puree                                                                            g                 400

gelatine leaves                                                                               g                 14

whipped cream                                                                               g                 400

Soften and drain the gelatine in cold water then heat it with 120 g of strawberry puree and mix with the remaining puree. Make a Italian meringue with the egg whites and sugar cooked at 121°C. After cooling the meringue, mix with the strawberry puree and the whipped cream.


Pistachio dacquoise

egg whites                                                                                    g                 300

sugar                                                                                           g                 120

pistachio paste                                                                              g                 50

ground almonds                                                                              g                 200

icing sugar                                                                                    g                 100

flour                                                                                             g                 60

chopped pistachio                                                                          g                 75

Whip the egg whites and sugar to obtain a meringue. With a spatula, add a sieved mixture of almonds, icing sugar and flour, mix gently and finish by adding the paste and chopped pistachio. Fill 3 rings of 16 cm in diameter and 2 cm high. Bake at 170°C for 15-20 minutes.


Grapefruit cream

grapefruit juice                                                                              g                 225

egg yolks                                                                                      g                 225

caster sugar                                                                                  g                 120

cream UHT                                                                                    g                 150

gelatine leaves                                                                               g                 9

zest of a quarter of grapefruit

Bring the cream to a boil with the grapefruit juice. Pour over the egg yolks with the bleached sugar and the grapefruit zest. Cook at 85°C away from heat, then add the hydrated gelatin. Pour in rings of 16 cm in diameter. Freeze and reserve.


Red glaze

water                                                                                             g                 70

caster sugar                                                                                    g                 150

glucose                                                                                           g                 150

concentrated milk                                                                             g                 100

gelatine mass                                                                                  g                 75  

(15 g of 200 bloom gelatine powder and 60 of water)                                   

white chocolate                                                                               g                 150

red coloring powder                                                                          g                 4

In a saucepan cook at 105°C water, sugar and glucose. Pour the concentrated milk, gelatine mass, white chocolate and the coloring powder. Mix well and refrigerate. Use 30-35°C.


Strawberry macaron

icing sugar                                                                                     g                 180

almond flour                                                                                   g                 115

egg whites                                                                                     g                 80

caster sugar                                                                                  g                 25

strawberry aroma                                                                        

red powdered coloring

Sift the almond flour and icing sugar. Beat the egg whites until stiff and tighten with the caster sugar. Incorporate and mix the egg whites with the almond, flour and icing sugar mixture. Add the strawberry aroma and coloring. Mix with a spatula to obtain a homogeneous paste. Using a small square-shaped chablon, spread the macaron batter and let it dry 30 minutes. Bake in at 140°C for about 15 minutes.



Place the pistachio dacquoise biscuit in the center of a ring of 18 cm in diameter and cover it with the strawberry mousse. Place the grapefruit cream in the middle and fill with the remaining strawberry mousse. Freeze. Unmold and cover with the red glaze (at 40°C), then reserve. Place the square strawberry macarons all around the cake and finish with a chocolate decoration on the top.


 sweety agosto



Recette pour 3 entremets de 20 cm de diamètre


Mousse fraise

blancs d’œufs                                                                               g                 150

sucre semoule                                                                              g                 150

purée de fraise                                                                             g                 400   

gélatine feuille                                                                              g                 14

crème fouettée                                                                             g                 400

Ramollir et égoutter la gélatine dans l’eau froide, puis la chauffer dans 120 g de purée de fraise et mélanger avec le restant de purée. Réaliser une meringue italienne avec les blancs et le sucre cuit à 121°C. Après le refroidissement de la meringue, l’incorporer à la purée de fraise et mélanger à la crème fouettée.


Dacquoise pistache

blancs d’œuf                                                                                 g                 300

sucre                                                                                           g                 120

amandes grises en poudre                                                                g                 200

sucre glace                                                                                   g                 100

farine                                                                                           g                 60

pâte de pistache                                                                            g                 50

pistaches hachées                                                                          g                 75

Monter les blancs en meringue avec le sucre. A la spatule, incorporer le mélange tamisé amande, sucre glace et farine, puis incorporer et mélanger délicatement la pâte de pistache et les pistaches hachées. Remplir les 3 cercles de 18 cm de diamètre et 2 cm de hauteur. Cuire à 170°C pendant 15-20 minutes.


Crémeux de pamplemousse

jus de pamplemousse                                                                     g                 225

jaunes d’œufs                                                                               g                 225

sucre semoule                                                                               g                 120

crème UHT                                                                                   g                 150

gélatine feuilles                                                                             g                 9

zeste de pamplemousse                                                                  n.                1/4

Chauffer la crème et le jus de pamplemousse, mélanger ensemble les jaunes, le sucre et les zestes de pamplemousse. Verser sur la crème et le jus de pamplemousse, puis remettre à cuire jusqu’à 85°C; hors du feu, ajouter la gélatine, verser dans des cercles de 16 cm de diamètre et placer au congélateur. Réserver.


Glaçage rouge

eau                                                                                            g                 70

sucre semoule                                                                              g                 150

glucose                                                                                       g                 200

lait concentré sucré                                                                      g                 200

masse gélatine                                                                             g                 75

(15 g de gélatine poudre 200 blooms et 60 g d’eau)                   

chocolat blanc                                                                              g                 150

colorant liposoluble rouge                                                                g                 4

Dans une casserole, cuire ensemble jusqu’à 105°C l’eau, le sucre semoule et le glucose. Verser le tout sur le lait concentré et la gélatine, le chocolat blanc et le colorant. Bien mixer et réserver au réfrigérateur. Utiliser à 30-35°C.


Macarons fraise

sucre glace                                                                                   g                 180

amandes, poudre extra fine                                                              g                 115

blancs d’oeuf                                                                                g                 80

sucre semoule                                                                               g                 25

arôme de fraise

colorant en poudre rouge

Tamiser la poudre d’amandes avec le sucre glace. Monter les blancs en neige et serrer avec le sucre semoule. Incorporer les blancs d’œufs au mélange poudre d’amande/sucre glace. Ajouter l’arôme de fraise puis colorer. Mélanger à la spatule jusqu’à formation d’une pâte homogène et lisse. A l’aide d’un chablon en forme de carré, étaler la pâte de macaron et lisser. Laisser croûter 1 heure environ. Cuisson à 140°C four pendant 15 minutes environ. A la sortie du four, laisser refroidir les plaques quelques minutes, puis décoller les macarons.


Placer le biscuit dacquoise pistache au centre d’un cercle de 18 cm de diamètre. Recouvrir de mousse à la fraise puis centrer le disque de crème de pamplemousse. Finir en recouvrant du reste de la mousse à la fraise. Placer au congélateur. Démouler la mousse et couler le glaçage rouge chauffée à 40°C, puis réserver. Placer des petits macarons carrés à la fraise tout autour du gâteau et finir avec une décoration de chocolat sur le dessus.


Emmanuel Hamon

Brest, France





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