Hamon and his recipe in English and French

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He is a pastrychef and owner with his wife of the confectionery shop Hamon in Brest, France…

He is also the inventor of P’tit Zef, a range of products based on caramel with salted butter, a specialty from Brittany.

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Chocolate hazelnut sponge cake

almond paste                                                                               g                     300

whole eggs                                                                                  g                     300

hazelnut powder                                                                           g                     60

icing sugar                                                                                                         q.b.

flour                                                                                           g                     20

cocoa powder                                                                              g                     50

baking powder                                                                              g                     5

melted butter                                                                               g                     85

Mix the almond paste, the hazelnut powder and eggs with icing sugar; blanch in 2nd gear. Stir in flour, then butter. Bake at 180°C.

Milk chocolate mousse

milk chocolate                                                                               g                     1000

egg yolks                                                                                      g                     400

sugar                                                                                           g                     600

syrup                                                                                           g                     600

whipped cream                                                                               g                     2000

Make a pâte à bombe with syrup, sugar and eggs yolks. Whip the cream, melt the chocolate and mix the three masses.


Chocolate brownie biscuit

eggs                                                                                           g                     250

sugar                                                                                          g                     500

salt                                                                                            g                     5

dark chocolate                                                                              g                     250

cocoa paste                                                                                 g                     70

butter                                                                                          g                     400

flour                                                                                            g                     200

Mix together the eggs, sugar and salt. Melt the chocolate, cocoa paste and butter. Mix the two masses and add the flour. Make 2 sheets of 60×40 cm.


Tonka bean ganache

fresh cream                                                                                 g                     220

glucose                                                                                       g                     35

tonka beans                                                                                 n.                     6

white chocolate                                                                            g                     450

butter                                                                                         g                     50

In a pan, heat cream and glucose and make an infusion with the tonka bean. Take the bean off and pour the white chocolate over it, mix and set aside. When the ganache reaches 45°C, add the butter and then reuse the blender.


Salted butter caramel candy

sugar                                                                                           g                     375

glucose                                                                                         g                     300

cream                                                                                           g                     225

butter                                                                                           g                     100

salt                                                                                               g                     8

In a saucepan, pour the sugar, glucose and cream. When all is melted, add the salted butter and salt, lower the heat and cook slowly until it reaches 120°C. Pour into a small frame.


Praliné feuilletine

milk chocolate                                                                              g                     150

cocoa butter                                                                                g                     50

hazelnut praliné                                                                            g                     500

feuilletine                                                                                    g                     125

crispy rice                                                                                    g                     125

Separately melt milk chocolate and cocoa butter, then incorporate them with praliné; add the crispy rice and the feuilletine.


Plastic chocolate

dark chocolate                                                                             g                     1000

syrup                                                                                         g                     100

cocoa butter                                                                                g                     100

glucose                                                                                       g                     600

Heat syrup, glucose and pour over the chocolate and cocoa butter. Mix and leave to harden overnight.



Spread a thin layer of plastic chocolate. Using a needle, cut out letters and let it harden an hour in a rectangular frame. Pour a first layer of chocolate mousse, place the sponge cake, cover with the tonka ganache, then put it in a freezer. Cut out a rectangle of 28×13 cm, place the chocolate plastic strip on top and spray a mixture of 50% chocolate + 50% cocoa butter using a chocolate gun, in order to obtain a velvet effect.

Cut a 30×15 cm rectangle of chocolate brownie biscuit. Cut a 28×13 cm rectangle of caramel candy and place it well centered on the biscuit brownie. Cover everything with praliné feuilletine, overfilling on the chocolate brownie biscuit. Then place the rectangle of sprayed chocolate mousse on the top.


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Pain deGêneschocolatnoisettes

pâte d’amandes                                                                         g                     300

œufs entiers                                                                             g                     300

poudre de noisettes                                                                    g                     60

sucre glace                                                                               g                     ?

farine                                                                                       g                     20

poudre de cacao                                                                        g                     50

poudre à pâte                                                                            g                     5

beurre, fondu                                                                             g                     85

Mélanger la pâte d’amandes, les œufs, la poudre de noisette et le sucre glace; les blanchir en 2ème vitesse. Incorporer la farine, puis le beurre. Cuire à 180°C.


Biscuit brownie

oeufs                                                                                        g                     250

sucre                                                                                        g                     500

sel                                                                                            g                     5

chocolat noir                                                                              g                     250

pâte de cacao                                                                            g                     70

beurre                                                                                       g                     400

farine                                                                                        g                     200

Mélanger les œufs, le sucre et le sel. Faire fondre la pâte de cacao, le chocolat et le beurre. Mélanger les deux masses et ajouter la farine. Faire 2 feuilles de 60×40 cm.


Mousse auchocolatau lait

chocolat noir 75%                                                                      g                     1000

jaunes d’œufs                                                                            g                     400

sucre                                                                                       g                     600

sirop                                                                                        g                     600

crème fouettée                                                                          g                     2000

Faire un pâte à bombe avec les jaunes d’œufs, le sirop et le sucre. Fouetter la crème, faire fondre le chocolat et mélanger tous les trois masses.


Fève tonkaganache

crème fraîche                                                                           g                     220

glucose                                                                                   g                     35

fèves tonka                                                                              n.                   6

chocolat blanc                                                                          g                     450

Dans une casserole, faire chauffer la crème et le glucose, puis infuser les fèves de tonka. Enlever les fèves et versez la crème sur le chocolat blanc, mixer et mettre de côté. Lorsque la ganache atteint 45°C, ajouter le beurre et ensuite remixer.


Bonbonscaramel au beurre salé

sucre                                                                                         g                     375

glucose                                                                                       g                     300

crème                                                                                         g                     225

beurre                                                                                         g                     100

sel                                                                                              g                     8

Dans une casserole, verser le sucre, le glucose et la crème. Quand tout est fondu, ajouter le beurre salé et le sel, baisser le feu et laisser cuire doucement jusqu’à le mélange atteigne 120°C. Verser dans un petit cadre.


Praliné feuilletine

chocolat au lait                                                                          g                     150

beurre de cacao                                                                         g                     50

praliné noisette                                                                          g                     500

feuilletine                                                                                  g                     125

riz croustillant                                                                            g                     125

Fondre séparément le chocolat au lait et le beurre de cacao, puis les incorporer au praliné et ajouter le riz soufflé et la feuilletine.


Chocolat plastique

chocolat noir                                                                            g                     1000

sirop                                                                                        g                     100

beurre de cacao                                                                         g                     100

glucose                                                                                    g                     600

Chauffer le sirop, le glucose et verser sur le chocolat et le beurre de cacao. Mélanger le tout puis laisser durcir une nuit.



Étendre une fine couche de chocolat plastique; utilisant une aiguille, découper des lettres en écrivant ce que vous voulez, puis laisser durcir une heure. Dans un cadre rectangulaire, verser une première couche de mousse au chocolat, placez le pain de Gènes chocolat noisettes et recouvrir d’une couche de ganache fève de tonka; placer au congélateur. Lorsque c’est pris, découper un rectangle 28×13 cm, placer la bande de chocolat plastique sur le dessus, puis passer au pistolet chocolat au lait pour donner un effet velours, avec un mélange de chocolat 50% et beurre de cacao 50%.

Couper un rectangle 30×15 cm dans la feuille de biscuit brownie. Couper un rectangle 28×13 cm dans la fine couche de caramel et le placer dans le biscuit brownie. Bien centrer, puis recouvrir le tout avec praliné feuilletine, en faisant un peu déborder sur le biscuit brownie. Placer le rectangle de mousse préalablement pulvérisé sur le biscuit/feuilletine.


Emmanuel Hamon

Brest, France





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