Hazelnut Gelato, Dark Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Soil, Pistachio Cake, Blood Orange Jel


Recipe by Kei Hasegawa
Pastry Chef, Matsuhisa, Beverly Hills, CA




Hazelnut Gelato

30.15 oz/855 g milk
8.4 oz/240 g heavy cream
7 oz/200 g fresh ginger
0.17 oz/5 g Nielsen Massey vanilla paste
2.6 oz/75 g dextrose powder
2.6 oz/75 g inverted sugar
3.5 oz/100 g granulated sugar
2.8 oz/80 g PreGel Maxipmapan 150

In saucepan, heat milk, cream, ginger and vanilla paste. Add dextrose powder, inverted sugar, granulated sugar and Maximapan 150 at 113°F. Heat to 185°F, then strain and cool.
Process in ice cream machine.

Dark Chocolate Cream

8.8 oz/250 g milk
8.8 oz/250 g heavy cream
7 oz/200 g granulated sugar
0.14 oz/4 g orange zest
3.5 oz/100 g egg yolks
8 oz/225 g deZaan Temptation

In a saucepan, combine milk, cream, sugar and orange zest and bring to a boil. Temper in egg yolks and heat to 185°F, stirring constantly. Strain onto pre-melted deZaan Temptation 64 chocolate and emulsify with immersion blender. Refrigerate.

(Omit Chocolate soil)

Pistachio Cake

4.4 oz/125 g almond flour
3.5 oz/100 g confectioners’ sugar
0.35 oz/10 g cornstarch
6.3 oz/180 g egg whites
1.76 oz/50 g PreGel pistachio paste
1.76 oz/50 g heavy cream
0.07 oz/2 g orange zest

Mix together almond flour, confectioners’ sugar, cornstarch and egg whites until a paste forms. Add pistachio paste, cream and orange zest. Pipe into dessert bar molds silicone molds and bake at 356°F for 10 minutes.

Blood Orange Gel

12.3 oz/350 g Capfruit Blood Orange Puree
0.1 oz/3 g agar
1.4 oz/40 g glucose
1.4 oz/40 g granulated sugar
½ Nielsen Massey vanilla bean

In saucepan, mix sugar and agar well and add blood orange puree.
Bring to a boil. Strain and refrigerate until set.
Transfer to blender and process to form gel.
Pour into squeeze bottles and reserve for service.


Krocco Milk Arabeschi

This is what I did on competition

200 g Pregel Krocco Milk Arabeschi
200 g DeZaan Intence 35

Mix Pregel Krocco Milk Arabeschi with melted DeZaan Intence 35. Spread on Sheet tray with silicone mat. Keep them in refrigerator until set. Break into small pieces.


Fresh orange segments
Bachelor buttons
Lemon basil


Spread spoonful of dark chocolate cream on plate. Add two pistachio cake bars. Pipe 3-4 dots of blood orange gel. Break and add two pieces of krocco milk arabeschi chocolate to garnish. Scoop hazelnut gelato and place on top of chocolate cream. Add two fresh orange segments, blackberries and 2-3 bachelor button flowers and two lemon basil leaves.

Recipe from The Gelato Mystery Challenge
Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition 2015

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