Hekfanchai, the street food from Hong Kong 

The third of the bing-shi in Milan presents the new cocktail list


The third of the bing-shi who brought the Hong Kong street food to Milan opens in via Francesco Sforza 49. With a novelty: three summer drinks, paired with the new dishes by the Hong Kong executive chef Kin Cheung.
The Hong Kong Mule is a cocktail that plays with the acidity of yuzu and lime together with vodka and sugar syrup, paired with spring rolls with egg or mushrooms and cheese; the Italian Bubble recalls the Bubble Tea interpreted as alcoholic drink, with gin, bergamot, crushed salted limes, and lemon soda. The Irish Kong Tea is dedicated to Hong Kong flavors and the milk cream is replaced by Baileys and constitutes the alcoholic footprint together with Bourbon; the typical Hong Kong tea, with its bitter notes, accompanies a spring roll with pork cutlet baked in the oven with tomato.

“This complicated period did not stop our team’s ambition in giving birth to this project, it fueled even more the desire to bring back childhood memories in Hong Kong and to bring in Milan the flavors I grew up with, in their genuineness and without necessarily conforming to local tastes, but offering authentic and traditional cuisine”, explains the CEO Eric Yip.


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